Saturday 13 October 2012

So, Police, Still Think ‘Dogs Attacking One Another’ Isn’t A Police Matter?

In a flurry of savage swipes the man is alleged to have knifed Tyson 23 times as the animal cowered blood-soaked in owner Daisy Jenkins’ arms.
A blood-stained knife recovered from the scene was bent at a right angle, apparently by the force of the attack.
Apparently, her dog got into a fight with the dog of the other man mindless savage and, once the animals had been separated, he returned with a couple of knives. As you apparently do now…
The heartbroken mother-of-three, 41, whose hip was cut during the frenzy, said: “We were just clinging together right up against the fence trying to keep away from the knives.
“I could feel bleeding but I just held him tightly. I thought if I pretended to be dead he would leave us alone.
“After that I just kept saying to Tyson: ‘Hang on, please hang on. Pull through’.
So not only did he stab the dog (appalling enough), he stabbed a woman during the commission of it. In broad daylight in a crowded London street!
Witness Allison Havey was on her way home from a meeting in central London when she saw a crowd of people running from the scene. The freelance photographer, from Agincourt Road in Hampstead, said: “She (Ms Jenkins) was covered in blood and hysterical.
“It was a blood bath, just terrible with this beautiful, sad woman covered in blood.
“She just said to me: ‘Please help. “Help me make my dog live’.”
A vet was called to try to save Tyson, but the 42kg bulldog died on the footpath.
This was a brutal and senseless attack. This wasn't an attempt by a man to defend his pet, despite the story he's giving the 'Daily Mail', which has holes in it you could drive a truck through, this was pure revenge for a ‘slight’. The man must be utterly unhinged.
The vet, from the Village Vet in Belsize Terrace, said he had never seen such horrific injuries. He said: “There were a total of 23 stab wounds and there were enough deeply penetrating the abdomen – any of which could have hit a major vessel and killed him.”.
And what did the police do, to rid the streets of such a dangerous madman?
Police arrested a 41-year-old man on suspicion of causing criminal damage. He has been bailed to return to a police station at a later date.

What, that’s it?!? Are you kidding me?
A police spokeswoman said: “It is criminal damage as the dog is classed as property – there are other offences which it could come under but this is the most substantial crime.”


Furor Teutonicus said...

XX A police spokeswoman said: “It is criminal damage as the dog is classed as property – there are other offences which it could come under but this is the most substantial crime.” XX

Correct. It is an "arrestable offence", meaning he can get five years pokey, or more, for a first offence. What would you rather he be charged with? Something for which maximum penalty is a 5 quid fine and a slap on the wrist?

As for the scum with the knives, NOW someone try and tell us WHY this bastartd should not be "put down"?

He is a clear and present danger to the community, and, like a rabid dog, should be immediatly disposed of.

Anonymous said...

Julia,you must stop quoting from the Daily Mail,it's beneath you.

The police turned up and made an arrest,what more do you want?
The suspect was released on bail until all the enquiries are done and then the CPS will make a decision.Standard procedure.Do you expect the man to stay in custody until then?I would hear the usual suspects on here wailing about "over the top policing" then.
As for the dog owner,killing an animal isn't murder.

DJ said...

I'd file this under 'NHI' - No Humans Involved.

Stabbing the little darling twenty times might be a bit heavy, but an American Bulldog called Tyson? Really? The stupid ho should be charged with First Degree Chavitude.

By the way, I can't help noticing that he's a 'waterways' worker, but no employment is mentioned for Skankella. What are the odds, huh?

Anonymous said...

Daisy has a reasonably substantial stab wound. Its not conjecture.

As for the name Tyson (some bigots), however many previous owners, a few years ago Tyson was 2 years old when Daisy was asked if she could look after a dog for a few days.

As for the statement of Alan McFinian, was Daisy petting her dog during the fight? Was the stabbing outside his door? Did the vet examine his dog?

Anonymous said...

Stabbing anything 23 times is the mark of a psycho, what if he gets into a heated argument with someone? He sounds just like the kind of twat that would then turn on them with whatever is too hand.

If his dog was out of danger and with no injuries and his frenzied attack led to the death of one animal and the laceration of a person he should not be out on bail.

Seriously what happens if you walk your dog in an area where at the first sign of the dogs having a tussle which happens even with the best behaved dogs that you and your animal are in mortal danger by a confirmed knife wielding maniac.

If the bull dog was really fighting it would have crushed the terriers head immediately, it would not be left uninjured.

Reading the comments on the Daily Mail it seems that acting in this way is the mark of hero and perfectly acceptable behavior.

I worry for this country!

Anonymous said...

Not sure about this story.The comments on the DM are evenly split which is unusual.
If the dog owner had received a substantial stab wound he would have been arrested for wounding as well as criminal damage as that is a more serious allegation.
Perhaps she forgot to mention this to the police at the time? Very odd...

Anonymous said...

Another insight into the fucking horrible world of the chavistocracy. Both parties deserve each other frankly, I couldn't give a fuck. I would imagine that the woman and her fucking horrible pet were well known in the area and more than likely a pain in the arse. I'm with 'DJ' on this one and as 'Jaded' says, an arrest was made and the killer human is on bail pending further enquiries and no doubt a decision re prosecution FROM THE CPS! The Old Bill haven't made charging decisions for a long, long, long time now. ANother waste of public time and money.

Anonymous said...

'ANother waste of public time and money.' Almost on a par with weekend overtime for the educatid and the croood; already board senseless at there radiators.

Anonymous said...

But Ladies and Gentlemen, the jails are needed for political prisoners.

Anonymous said...

Another waste of you MTG!

Anonymous said...

Who's that posting? Pompous and sneering and contributing nothing to the debate?Come on down Melvin.
You must have more time to criticise now as you aren't mowing your lawn are you?

Orphadeus said...

The conspiracy theory would involve Boris.

Anonymous said...

Of course they let him out of bail, he wasn't wearing a t-shirt the Police might find offensive nor has he posted anything nasty on facetube/twatter.

C'mon JuliaM, get with the programme.

JuliaM said...

"He is a clear and present danger to the community.."

Indeed. I'm not keen on out-of-control dog, and even less keen on out-of-control humans!

"As for the dog owner,killing an animal isn't murder."

No, indeed. But the unnecessary nature of the attack and the ferocity of it should ring alarm bells, no?

"...but an American Bulldog called Tyson? Really?"

It's not unusual.

"Did the vet examine his dog?"

Did the police..?

JuliaM said...

"Stabbing anything 23 times is the mark of a psycho..."

Spot on! And if the animal was so dangerous, how come he seems to have been uninjured?

"Another insight into the fucking horrible world of the chavistocracy."

And into modern Britain in general.

"Of course they let him out of bail, he wasn't wearing a t-shirt the Police might find offensive nor has he posted anything nasty on facetube/twatter."

Quite so!

Anonymous said...

The owner and the dog had previous, they got theirs.

The owner of the little terrier was protecting his property under the law.

It works both ways.

Anonymous said...

The 'terrier' was a Staffordshire bull terrier. Tyson was injured.

Tyson was a good boy. People who have fallen for the name would be suprised. He was popular in cafes in Hampstead. He was not popular among local hoodlums.

Tyson was a snappy dresser. You can see in the photo of when he was stabbed that he had been wearing his Union Jack.

Its interesting the amount of people who are of the opinion that if your dog has a fight, its OK to kill the other dog and stab a woman.

Anonymous said...

While keeping an open mind, are we allowed to ask whether the Irish man didn't like the Union Jack?

Anonymous said...

I'm aware of Dum Britain, yet there are signs of intelligent life in some of the posts, and at least some of you might carefully examine this photo. If you examine carefully you might spot a few things:!image/664058475.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_630/664058475.jpg&imgrefurl=

The general procedure was that walking on the street and/or on the way to the gated enclosure he would be on the lead with the 'nozzle' (you should be able to spot) round his mouth which stopped him from pulling. After checking the enclosure, the gate would be closed and Tyson would get a run.

Daisy is of the opinion that she had shut the gate.

I could mention other things.

Daisy's injury appears strange. Theres a comparitively large red raw area around a small puncture near her kidney. Apparently a photo was taken at the hospital. To be fair to the police, she complained to me that they were more interested in what had happened to her than what had happened to Tyson. I got the impression she probably told them to focus on what had happened to Tyson.

Anonymous said...

Daisy told me she did not closely examine the other dog but she did not see any injury.

As to Daisy's injury, near the incision there was a spot, also in the red area, which I suspected was an injection. (Could the injection have caused the comparatively large red area?) I maybe should have asked her. To be honest she just showed me the injury without telling me about it, other than I asked if they had taken a photo and she told me they had at the hospital.

Anonymous said...

Take the wild hypothesis that a relative of Boris Johnson had recently attempted a hit. Lets say the guy who sent Boris Johnson's relative to the ground was an old friend of Daisy.

Imagine he had seen the Mingwei Tan crime scene.

The decision to release the guy to stay nearby. It could have been hoped that either..

JuliaM said...

"The owner and the dog had previous..."

Did they?

So far, the only one claiming that is the man who has a vested interest in so doing, and one of his neighbours.

And as anon points out, this was no 'little terrier' and where's the injury to it?

These cases usually show an owner with a mauled dog. Why has he not taken advantage of the opportunity to do the same?

"Its interesting the amount of people who are of the opinion that if your dog has a fight, its OK to kill the other dog and stab a woman."

I'm not sure 'interesting' is the adjective I'd choose. I think I'd go for 'sickening'.

"Daisy told me she did not closely examine the other dog but she did not see any injury. "

I suppose we can't expect the police to do any such investigating?

Anonymous said...

There a bit of Hillsborough with Mingwei Tan.

Anonymous said...

"When she did finally turn up five minutes later all she did was stroke her dog. I was kicking and punching it but it wouldn’t budge so I went into the kitchen and got three knives."

Read more:

Was she stroking her dog during the fight? Or is it "Freud" - she was tending to her dog after the fight?

Anonymous said...

Regarding the stab wound to Daisy, the nearby dot was presumably a shingle. She had had shingles not long before. The red area would presumably have been where she had taken the dressing off. The stab wound in her back was small, around half a centimeter deep and close to her kidney, and had been dealt with at the hospital. I previously described the stab wound as reasonably substantial, because a stab wound close to the kidney is reasonably substantial.