Wednesday 24 October 2012

Might I Suggest Rothiemay Is Nice This Time Of Year?

After all, what’s a few more?
Convicted dangerous dog owner Nigel Palmer says he is considering leaving North Lincolnshire after he was found guilty of breaching a dog banning order imposed on him last year.
Oh, no, not just that, of course. It never is, with these people, is it?
Nigel Palmer, 58, of Abercorn Street, Scunthorpe stood trial at North Lincolnshire Magistrates’ Court, where he was convicted of breaching an order banning him from being in custody of dogs and of assaulting a police officer.
With a door, rather than a dog. But still…
Palmer has vowed to keep the five German Shepherd dogs and one Rottweiler, which now all belong to his partner Agnes Little.
“The best thing we can do is pack up and leave North Lincolnshire altogether,” he said.
Judging by the comments, the neighbours would be only too happy to see him go…

The incidents that got him banned? Ah, yes:
Nigel Palmer, 57, of Burke Street, Scunthorpe, was sentenced to six months in prison by North Lincolnshire magistrates in February.
This was later reduced to four on appeal.
Palmer did not challenge the order banning him from owning dogs for ten years.
Since he clearly didn't plan on obeying it, why bother?

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