Wednesday 3 October 2012

Now Then, Now Then, Ow's About This Then...?

No, I won't be watching the so-called 'documentary' tonight.

No, not even to see if Esther Rantzen can actually face the camera, unlike the excerpts that have been trailed across every TV show since Sunday, showing her looking down and off to one side as she speaks. I'm no body language expert, but it seemed odd to me, frankly.

Nor am I interested in the tawdry 'revelations' of other has-been media darlings who knew all along, of course they did, yet did nothing at the time. Or the wink-wink, nudge-nudge of tabloid hacks who conveniently forget that 'everyone knew' (and crawled out of the woodwork with 'exclusives') about poor sods like Barry George and Chris Jeffries too.

And I'm especially not interested in the agenda being pushed by the likes of Julie Bindel, with her "Unless we start listening to children, in decades to come we will be hearing the same tragic stories" schtick.

Because the 'children don't lie about abuse!' nonsense got us moral panics like the Orkney debacle, the Cleveland nonsense, the McMartin Preschool case and many, many more, in fact one linked to the 'revelations' about Savile himself, the Haut De Le Garenne skull-fragment-that-never-was...

No, what interests me most are the vested interests that are either pushing this for all they are worth, or benefiting either directly or indirectly from it.

There's those that will be breathing a sigh of relief that the spotlight has shifted from them, just as it was getting uncomfortably hot.

There's the people who profit from setting themselves up as modern Witchfinders General, like Jim Gamble.

There's the control-freaks and authoritarians, who will use it as justification for yet more crackdowns.

So remember, as you lap it up and agree at the office watercooler that 'there's no smoke without fire!' and 'Well, he always looked a bit odd' that this is the sort of stuff that gets us crazy policies in schools and causes reasonable people to see dark shadows in everything. Which while it might make for amusing TV shows, is really no way to live, is it?

So was Sir Jimmy Savile a strange man with dark desires and powerful friends, who presented a persona of good while secretly plotting evil? I don't know. I do know that if he was, he's not the only one in this whole kerfuffle fitting that description.

Not by a long chalk...


Anonymous said...

How very Soviet a documentary...wait until someone is dead and then trash their reputation.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Nicely put, Julia. :)

Farenheit211 said...

Julia your comment is a light house of common sense in an ocean of bollocks.

There are those who are using these 'revelations' (possibly 'compensayshun' related if I was being cynical) to deflect attention to the ongoing scandal of Islamic noncery.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Correction. More than nicely put, Julia - brilliantly put!

Anonymous said...


Can't liabel a dead bloke can you. If this is true they could have done it while he was alive and claimed money from his estate and not wait till he was dead, the money given away and the estate settled. If compensation is sought and received it comes from the tax payer. I agree with the foregoing it is Soviet, nicely put and deflects away from the chaps with the beards and funny hats.

Brian, follower of Deornoth said...

'children don't lie about abuse!'

Unless of course the perpetrator is a Muslim.

I suspect this is an attempt to distract our attention from the lack of prosecutions in Rotherham.

Budvar said...

Was listening to Jezza Vine on R2 earlier. On came a woman of 60, who said 50 years ago she was molested by her uncle. OK so far, fair enough.

She then went on, This explains all the problems she'd had through her life, and this had all come out in therapy...

Now I don't know the woman, but from previous experience (that fucking bitch in the Orkney witch hunt, not personally involved but my kids were little at the time and the fear of dawn raids of police and social workers was very real) all problems from husband running off with his secretary to an addiction to happy pills prescribe by the Doc are all attributed to sexual abuse by daddy.

What's that you say, daddy was the kindest most lovable man you ever met and no way would he touch us inappropriately?

Ah, you're in denial, that's because the experience was so traumatic, you shoved it to the recesses of your mind, and until you come to terms with it, your problems will continue.

Fucking therapy? Yeah right.

Louise said...

Dave Pelzer eat your heart out!

Louise said...

' 'compensayshun'

are you Richard Littlejohn?

David Gillies said...

I will always treasure my "Jim Fingered It For Me" medal.

Anonymous said...

I guess we'll never know the truth. Saville was an undoubtedly weird fucker, I couldn't stand him out of all the other Radio 1 DJ's who ruined almost all music programmes in the 1970's. All cunts but he was by far the biggest. Then Gambaccini and Rantzen pop up - what a pair of weird creepoids those two are.

Tatty said...

Whether children lie about abuse is only part of the issue but at one time a child even talking about sex was enough to set alarm bells ringing and raise suspicion of abuse.

Not anymore and nothing has done more to muddy the waters than State Mandated "Education" that lines up 5 year olds to "learn" about (amongst other things) gay sex, masturbation, sexual positions and orgasms.

Julia, you are absolutely spot-on in saying (paraphrased) that IF Jimmy Saville was a paedophile then he was no different to many of the people currently denouncing him.

If we're going to have a witch-hunt we could at least do the job properly.

MTG said...

Yes, Julia. There is no denying your talent for presentation.

blueknight said...

Just wondering if he ever presented Jonathan King or Gary Glitter on TOTP.... and would they have spotted each other?

JuliaM said...

"..a light house of common sense in an ocean of bollocks."

It's a strange feeling to see so many people thinking one thing, and you quite another! Glad I'm not alone.

" I agree with the foregoing it is Soviet..."

Very much so. The 'unpersoning' has started!

"She then went on, This explains all the problems she'd had through her life..."

Yup, a very familiar refrain, that one.

"Dave Pelzer eat your heart out!"

A genre of popular'literature' I've never really understood. Do people read it to make their own lives feel better?

JuliaM said...

" one time a child even talking about sex was enough to set alarm bells ringing and raise suspicion of abuse.

Not anymore and nothing has done more to muddy the waters than State Mandated "Education" that lines up 5 year olds to "learn" about (amongst other things) gay sex, masturbation, sexual positions and orgasms."

Damned good point!

Budvar said...

There was a case related to the Orkney social workers "Methods" of deep hypnosis and satanic abuse.

I believe it's called "False memory syndrome". From what I remember, a girl at university was having problems with the pressure. Went therapist who also had been to America to study these deep hypnosis techniques, and in course of therapy it was discovered that her father and a few of his mates had been taking it in turns 3 holing her in satanic rituals since the age of 4.

Father is arrested, and denies all knowledge and says it's all bollox. After hours of interrogation he finally says, "Look,there's one sure way to find out who's telling the truth", and an intimate examination of the girl is carried out and reveals she's still a virgin!!

Luckily that case fell apart, I know of another (slightly different circumstances) where bloke was arrested at work and got 10 years where the only evidence was her say so.

I sincerely hope there's a special place reserved in hell for these people.