Thursday 4 October 2012

Twisted Firestarter And Animal Abuser?

Firefighters have condemned a 21-year-old woman who repeatedly set her house on fire – and then claimed the blazes had actually started by accident. Crews were called to Kim Edmonds's Wolstanton home…
Hang on! That name rings a bell!
four times earlier this year, after she reported that electrical faults, candles and even an intruder had started the blazes.
Edmonds was finally arrested after setting two fires at her Lily Street home on March 15.
She gets three years for the arson. Hopefully consecutive.
Jailing Edmonds, Judge Robert Trevor-Jones described the defendant as a danger.
He said: "On the night in question, you furtively set two fires in your home while your brother-in-law was present.
"If the fires had spread and taken hold, not only would the lives of yourself and your brother-in-law, but potentially those in the neighbouring properties, would have been at risk.
"I'm mindful there have been other fires set in the property and I have little doubt that you were directly linked to those. You have been diagnosed with a personality disorder and the risk of you re-offending is very high."
And no doubt that’s one of those ‘untreatable’ personality disorders  so when she gets out of prison, there’ll be nothing to stop her moving in next to you.

Comforting thought, eh?


Robert the Biker said...

Time to re-open Colney Hatch methinks

Anonymous said...


She is a bit of a lappet hawk though, she should have considered sutee instead.

Anonymous said...

A few broken toys in the attic there. She needs locking up and treatment for her own safety.

JuliaM said...

Sadly, 'care in the community' often isn't!