Friday, 12 April 2013


A motorist who was refused a new disabled parking badge after his health improved was caught using a forged permit, a court heard.
Gary Palmer, 53, altered the date on his expired badge so it looked valid for an extra three years, magistrates heard. He then parked a friend’s car for free on Bloom Street in Manchester city centre last September.
Because, rather than be overjoyed his health had improved, as most normal people would be, this, for him, represented a loss...
A blue badge was displayed on the dashboard with an expiry date of December 31, 2014. But officers cross-checked the permit’s serial number with their database, which revealed it had actually expired on December 31, 2011.
When asked for more details, Palmer said it was his badge, which the council refused to renew.
He said he was consulting with doctors about his condition – which he refused to reveal in open court – and admitted he had changed the details on the badge, prosecutors said.
Palmer, defending himself in court, told the magistrates: “It was my badge. I applied for it to be renewed but they refused me. I still have the same (health) condition. I changed it (the badge) and I shouldn't have. I'm sorry for that.”
He's sorry he got caught, anyway...


Roy Fernley said...

I'm willing to bet he would have been most vociferous when he saw an unbadged car in a disabled parking space too!

JuliaM said...

Oh, indeed!