Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Whole Lotta Thinkin’ Goin’ On?

Rebecca Dalby, prosecuting, said Kutte had then gone to an address in Churchill Way, Grimsby, and demanded to see someone named Wayne.
She had clearly been drinking and is said to have fallen over on a couple of occasions after being ejected from the premises.
The occupants of the house then heard a loud smash and went outside to discover Kutte had thrown a brick through a rear window of a Citroen Xsara.
Just another evening in glorious Grimsby, accent on the 'grim'...
Graham Ives, mitigating, said Kutte remembered very little of the incident, but accepted the role she had played.
Bit hard not to, really, given she was caught red handed.
He said: “With hindsight, she thinks she became quite obsessive that her daughter, 25, is quite ill with cancer and thinks she was looking for her father. It appeared he had not maintained contact with her daughter and she thinks, in hindsight, that she was looking for him.”
Surely, the problem is more that she doesn't think?


Anonymous said...

Of course she doesn't think. These people know everything so they don't waste time thinking Julia!


JuliaM said...

Very true...