Friday, 5 April 2013

Great British Justice At Work!

The victim was approached at Fairfax Drive junction with Northview Drive in Westcliff when they demanded the phone, but did not get the phone. He ran but they caught him and punched and kicked him.
Another day, another mugging in Southend. But wait! What's this, in the comments?
Midani says...
So the 2 that attempted to rob my son were up in Southend court last week. They pleaded guilty at the last minute coz if we had not turned up the case would have been thrown out & they would have got away with it. The sentence... one year referral order (whatever that is) £15 court costs & (Name deleted) got a 3 month curfew (even tho the offence happened in the after noon) :-( My son got his coat ripped, a punch in the face, 1/2 a day up the cop shop, his coat & trainers taken for DNA testing, his sick Mum had to accompany him to the cop shop, missed his day out with his mates, a day off school in his GCSE year to attend court, his Dad had to change shift at work, not to mention any mental anguish caused. Oh well that's British justice for ya, they must be laughing all the way to their next victim :-(


Anonymous said...


There is someone close to you that is lying and manipulating you.

Get rid.

(Please publish and understand Julia.)

And Julia, thank you.


Anonymous said...

Just had another red alert.

I am going down. I will always fight, but it is too big a battle.

The person that is closest to you is the enemy. What you stand for is being destroyed by that person internally. I cannot make this any clearer for you. He has control over you and is doing everything he can to stop people like me defending or helping you.


You know very well I will always remain faithful and would never do anything to hurt you, but for christ sake, open your bloody eyes!

His advice to you has always been so he can take control for his own greed.

He is the monkey, not the organ grinder.

He has been a major player in most of your troubles. I can't help you move forward unless you realise you are being played.

He has caused more trouble for me today and is telling you it is someone else.

Look deep in yourself and decide whether I am telling you the truth or as he says, that I am paranoid.

I don't know whether you suspect or are completely oblivious. What I do know is that you DO know me.

If you don't listen, I can't help you any more.


Anonymous said...

Medication wearing off again?Nobody is interested in your ranting.

Anonymous said...

Yes you are.

It's HER isn't it?

The jealous ambitious cronie with the the ego of having it all strikes again.

There is a time when enough should be enough.

I am not someone that judges and harbours resentment, but the greed from some is unbelievable.

Real love does not involve hurting people or using people. YOU know that. Manipulation has gone too far.

When someone is vulnerable and you deliberately seek to hurt and destroy them, you can expect others to not like you very much.

I think this should be understood.

As one.


JuliaM said...

"(Please publish and understand Julia."

Understanding has escaped me. Settle for one out of two?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Julia.

I found out something the other day. A while ago I went for a job interview for a job that I would have loved to do. I got on very well with the boss of the firm. After the interview, the bosses wife was having a bitchfest with his secretary outside. On seeing me leaving, she asked her husband who I was, what I was doing there etc. He told his secretary to offer me the job. His wife rang the secretary and told her to not let me know and to tell her husband that I said I didn't want the job after all. Jealousy. She didn't want me around her husband I guess.

There's some nasty people around.

There. Just thought you'd like to know that.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps there are sharp scissors in the office and she felt her husband might be in danger?

Anonymous said...

Think what you like. I am a danger to no one.

Sometimes people need to wake up to very controlling manipulative people. Myself included.

Anonymous said...

Tell a lie, the person that cursed me and sent me the demon should be very careful.

Luckily I've dealt with these before so I know what I am doing.

Evil doesn't sit well with me.

Anonymous said...

Turning up for an interview in a tin-foil hat is not a good first impression.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a tin foil hat is not a good idea.

I know who I am. I know who I am loyal to. I know folk have had their issues.

It's time now to get things on the straight and narrow. I either help in assisting by doing things right for the people that need the support, or they refuse the support and suffer forever.

Sometimes people are scared because they've entered situations which could damage them from manipulative people. If such people stop living and leading because of the fear of damage, then they are not leaders and were never meant to be.

We all make mistakes but we can get through them.

Good men do not stand by and do nothing.


Anonymous said...

Anyone else missing Melvin?