Friday, 5 April 2013

Just Another Day In New Addington...

Prosecuting, Vivian Walters told the court that O'Neill's neighbour Ayoola Olaleye had been leaving his house at the time of the incident.
She said: "He saw his neighbour, the defendant, who he knows as Jenny. She was sitting in her front garden [...] and she was shouting racial abuse, things like monkey, ape and telling him to go back to Africa.
"He ignored her at that stage – he was aware she had what he described as mental health issues. He got in his car and went to the post office."
He returned to find Ms O' Neill standing by the driver's door wielding an axe with which she hit the car door, Ms Walters said.
And that brought a swift arrest. Whereupon all the sympathy that should have gone to the victim went to...the perpetrator!
Her lawyer, Graham Knight, told the court on Monday his client should be released because she has been in custody since the offence and a psychiatric report had not recommended hospital treatment.
"The conclusion is that [while] things were very tough for her then currently she is fine," he said.
And, more importantly, she isn't your neighbour. Is she, Graham old chap?
Considering her sentence last Monday, Recorder Balcombe said: "What I am concerned about is, whether or not your client would be released today or in the near future, that she have somewhere safe and secure to live at and have somewhere to get medication, should she need it.
"My concern is partly for the welfare of your client but also for the wider welfare of the community."
Wrong way round, Recorder Balcome. Mind you, there's a lot of that going around...
O'Neill had been due to stand trial for possessing an offensive weapon, assault by beating, racially aggravated common assault, and criminal damage to her police cell.
But the judge agreed to leave those charges on the file, after she pleaded guilty to the charge for which she was sentenced.
All just a paperwork exercise...


Anonymous said...

Well it certainly isn't another day in paradise is it.

Ayoola Olaleye.....isn't that a yodel?

James Higham said...

that she have somewhere safe and secure to live at and have somewhere to get medication, should she need it.

Er you mean Theresa and Harriet?

JuliaM said...

"Ayoola Olaleye.....isn't that a yodel?"


"Er you mean Theresa and Harriet?"

They are beyond the help of modern pharmacology..