Monday, 1 April 2013

This Must Be Why Their Union Acronym Reads 'NUT'...

A troubled school hit by teachers striking and a sacked governing body has been dealt a final blow and been put into special measures by Ofsted.
The school is led by Hasan Chawdhry who took over full time last September. Teaching union the NUT led a strike before Christmas in dispute of his ‘poor management style’.
Hmmm, let’s hear from a union representative then, shall we?
Mr Glazier added he is considering writing to Ofsted to complain as the report ‘exaggerates’ the number of teachers off sick instead of half he says it is one third of staff.
Oh. Is that all...? /facepalm
He also said it is incorrect the dispute is due to staff unhappy with staffing changes. The report says: “Mr Chawdhry has introduced a range of strategies to bring about improvements but these have not always proved successful because not all staff have adopted them. "
So...they aren't working because your members aren't carrying them out? If I failed to do that, I'd get the sack.

Why should it be different for teachers, as Longrider points out?


Demetrius said...

How about Skiving Lazy Union of Teachers? Oh, is this being tactless again?

Anonymous said...

There are good teachers and bad teachers. The issue lies in the recruitment. I've noticed that young teachers are usually bloody useless. Not all, but most. They are hired for the low wage costs and because they do as they are told.

Next subject, shall we all campaign to see Iain Duncan Smith survive on 53 quid a week for a few months? I doubt the wanker will do so, mainly because he is an ignorant out of touch bastard that preys on the vulnerable.

Much love, you wank headed, freaky, greedy bastard. You know why you made the move when you did. You were too scared before. Well be scared now you bastard. The legacy is still alive and your name is on the list. Don't ever think you are untouchable.


Ancient + Tattered Airman said...

At Liverpool were signs reading "I am a Marxist" which clearly indicates why the teaching community currently has such low standards. It needs cleaning out from top to bottom.

James Higham said...

It's going to be interesting seeing who is more powerful - unions or Common Purpose [Ofsted].

Anonymous said...

Is every day April Fools day on your planet Feral?
Keep us updated on every detail of your life,it's fascinating.

Anonymous said...

Teachers are generally OK, the management increasingly lousy. No idea on reading up on this one. Teachers have some extra protection because of academic freedom and so on. If hey harm pupils doing what they are told by management they remain personally responsible - unlike ban clerks selling us fraudulent ppi and the rest.

Fahrenheit211 said...

ATA, I concur, the teaching profession does need a good clear out. Not just the marxists but the PC wallahs as well.

JuliaM said...

"Oh, is this being tactless again?"


"Next subject, shall we all campaign to see Iain Duncan Smith survive on 53 quid a week for a few months?"

Well, as pitches go, it's not bad, and no doubt 'X Factor' sounded similarly daft at first thought, and look how popular that is now...

"Teachers have some extra protection because of academic freedom and so on."

Curiously, that much vaunted 'academic freedom' seems to merely constrain them in lockstep with their left-leaning colleagues...