Monday, 29 April 2013

PC Mask Slips, Nickie..?

Nickie Aiken, cabinet member for community protection and premises at Westminster council (Ed: Oh, hai!), said the situation in the square was “typical of an endemic issue” affecting the capital.
You don't say...
She added: “The fact is that we have around 60 Romanians sleeping rough in Westminster, and we just do not have the resources to keep dealing with this. We are spending thousands of pounds cleaning up after rough sleepers, and that is council taxpayers’ money that should be going to pay for other things.
Like fleecing the residents out of more money to park their cars or have their refuse taken away?
“We have absolutely no issue with Romanian people who come here to work and pay their way. The particular problem here is largely with Roma people, who have Romanian identity cards, some of whom drift into low level crime, nuisance and intimidation of the sort we have heard reported in Bryanston Square.
Ooooh, it's going to be an uncomfortable time at the next Diversity Workshop for you now, Nickie!
“We do what we can to break up these camps, but it is difficult for local people and I wholly understand their frustrations.”
A spokesman for the Met said officers were looking into the Bryanston Square incident.
They are mounting a token effort while the cameras are on them, you mean?


Anonymous said...

Instead of wasting Police time in issuing warnings which all of them will ignore, why not just give them maps showing the home addresses of Members of Parliament or Council officials with a big X on the best place to kip. The only reason this is allowed to happen is that non of the hoi polloi are inconvenienced. A huge dollop of sh*t on David Cameron's or Nick Clegg's doorstep each morning will no doubt concentrate their (small) minds wonderfully.

JuliaM said...

"The only reason this is allowed to happen is that non of the hoi polloi are inconvenienced."

Spot on!

blueknight said...

The mask has slipped or may be the scales have fallen from the eyes.
Any bets on whether the problem will improve, stay the same or get worse when the borders are fully opened next January?

Twenty_Rothmans said...

I just see some gypsies carrying moslem women on their shoulders. And he's dragging one. Beats the Tube.

/pedant - 'the' hoi polloi? And that the idea was that only hoi polloi (or plebs, Greek's just so old-fashioned) will see the enrichment?

Hoi polloi, or the plebs, have been thoroughly enriched, and they don't seem to mind. Even the Conservative voters with big veins pulsing on their necks vote for a party that stuffs Somalians into London the way an old lady with diabetes and very swollen feet stuffs them into her stockings.

Imagine. Your daughter is celebrating her birthday. Let's have a party, shall we? Naturally, you'll have security, one can't be too careful.

What we see here is when we have had burly men guarding our party. At the end of this year, they'll be paid off.

It should be a party to remember. Cross my palm with silver and I shall tell your fortune.

John Pickworth said...

Woooo rounding up the gypsies.

Either Poland should be worried or there's an election coming up... I wonder which?