Friday, 26 April 2013

The Very Definition Of ‘A Bad Idea’…

The community is invited to come together and have lunch with their neighbours at The Big Lunch in June.
The annual event which started in 2009, part of a national campaign from the Eden Project, aims to bring together neighbours on a single street.
But organisers Beverley Newbury, Joanne Quarrinton and Kelly Carey all of New Addington, have gone one step further and invited the whole of New Addington to their event on June 2.
Oh my! There’s not enough popcorn in the world….!

Of course, as this is New Addington, they are on the scrounge.
Organisers are now looking for New Addington businesses to sponsor the event and are welcoming donations of items that can be used on the day, such as tables and chairs.
Mrs Newbury added: "We are looking for any kind of sponsorships from businesses in New Addington and also for donations of items such as table, chairs and gazebos.
"It would also be great to have some more help with leaflets and posters and we are also looking for people to get involved to run the cake stall and cake competition."
I wouldn't try the hash brownies if I were you…
"We want to make it a real community event and want lots of people to get involved."
First, you’ll need a real community, won’t you?


Anonymous said...

One of them needs a bit smaller lunch.

Anonymous said...

Best get the TSG on full alert, of course there'll be a requirement for stewarding, health and safety risk assessments, insurance, I could go on...hang on though...if they pitch it right and get some help from north of the river in kensington...Notting Hill to be precise, they could get it all for free!


Anonymous said...

I like the way they ask "for donations of items such as table, chairs and gazebos" rather than "loan" thus warning potential donors they might not get them back.

JuliaM said...

"One of them needs a bit smaller lunch."


"Best get the TSG on full alert..."

Well, if they have trouble lighting the BBQ... ;)

"...thus warning potential donors they might not get them back."

Oh, I'd assume in New Addingtom, that was pretty much a given.

Anonymous said...

Mr Pimlott, who lived with his parents, Kelvin, 61, and Jean, 63, was known to police after being jailed last December for attacking an officer. The incident followed Mr Pimlott’s father calling police because his son was drunk and aggressive.
Mr Pimlott, who was jailed for eight weeks, referred to himself as being ‘like Jekyll and Hyde’ when drunk.

There is of course a back story here and 'we' including Sophie Khan and the DM do not know all the facts. The police didn't spray this fuckwit with flammable liquid. WHo else was there, what factors, in a fast moving situation, did the two officers have to take account of when dealing with this nutter?

It may turn out that they did the best they could given the circumstances but don't let that stop the usual suspects blathering on.