Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Out Of The Mouths Of .... Errr ...

Adam Neal, who appeared in an England under 19s match against Sweden, told prison authorities he had been having visions and dreams of killing someone. He said he had wanted to kill a man called Matthew Stevenson who had given evidence against him in an assault case.
That doesn't sound quite as barmy as everyone thinks, really, does it?
Neal, of South Street, Accrington was given a two year community order by a judge at Preston Crown Court yesterday (Fri) who heard the 27-year-old had served the equivalent of a fourteen months sentence while on remand. He had been kept in prison since the incident at Haverigg Prison on July 14 last year.
Neal's release had been due to take place on July 17 last year. But three days before that, prison officers went to his cell in Haverigg because a bell was ringing.
Mr Dyer said: "The defendant indicated he had been having visions and dreams about killing someone. He told a prison officer he had the capability of shooting someone and said he had access to a gun.
"When asked who he was going to shoot, he said he was going to shoot Matthew Stevenson and continued to say he wanted to kill him.
 I'll hear no harsh words about the reasoning power of footballers here!
Defence barrister Mr Ken Hind said Neal had had a terrible family background. He was adopted at the age of ten and didn't seem to have opened up to anybody until recently.
Well, he's doing it now. Perhaps his choice of interlocutors was a bit of a mistake?

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