Thursday, 11 April 2013

Strewth, It's Just The Same Down Under!

A young man who bashed a dog with a stick before hanging it from a clothesline should be spared prison because of his shocking upbringing, a court has heard.
Prosecutors asked Magistrate Paul Foley to impose an immediate prison term to send a message to the community that violence against animals would not be tolerated.
However, French's lawyer Amanda Lambden said her client was the victim of a horrific upbringing, in which he and his siblings were exposed to violence by their father before being placed into a series of foster homes from age six.
Ms Lambden said the community was rightly outraged at violence against animals but argued sending French to prison would do more harm than good - and that French "needs support, not a jail sentence".
 He needs the same sort of 'support' he gave his dog, although I'm sure the justice system can provide a good length of hempen rope rather than a clothesline...
"You can beat your wife and beat your kids and won't go to jail, but God help you if you beat your dog," Ms Lambden said.
The court heard French's upbringing had left him incapable of nurturing or caring for animals or children and that Buddy and another dog had been left in his care by his brother. didn't leave his brother incapable?
Mr Foley said he was faced with a difficult decision on whether to suspend any prison term and remanded French on continuing bail for sentencing later this month.
It's not difficult at all.


Roy Fernley said...

It's not exactly the same! Here in NZ Crown Solicitors make submissions about sentencing, referring to the guidelines and precedent. This at least provides balance to the bleeding heart liberalism which affects all defence counsel.

JuliaM said...

That would be a good thing to include here, though with the judges we have, maybe not so much use.