Thursday, 25 April 2013

Nobody Wins

Returning to Lancashire, I see this dispute over halal meat suppliers is still rumbling on:
The leader of the county council has accused mosque chiefs of using Muslim children as pawns in their battle with the authority over halal food in schools.
It comes as the Lancashire Council of Mosques (LCM) renewed its call for parents to urge their children to boycott any meals supplied by Lancashire County Council.
Well, this is a 'community' drawn from a religion not unfamiliar with the concept of using their offspring as human shields and suicide bombers, so I rather think you're expecting a bit much, Geoff...
A meeting between bosses of the two authorities ended in deadlock after council leader Geoff Driver refused to agree to allow animals which have not been stunned before slaughter be put on school menus.
Interesting! A clash between the Mohammedans and the animal rights people! * gets popcorn*
Salim Mulla, chairman of the LCM, said: “The county council is supposed to afford exemptions to people with religious requirements.
“They’re not listening to the requests from Muslim parents and the boycott will continue until they do.”
Hey, it's your kids you're hurting! Go right ahead...
County Coun Driver said: “We asked the LCM if they would consider letting the children eat fish and vegetarian options provided by the county council.
“They said they would only do this if we removed the halal meat from menus from schools we provide to.
So…someone’s eating it? Just not this little (perhaps unrepresentative) group?
“This would put us in breach of equality laws and we can’t do it.
And just to show what an own goal they've scored here:
“It’s really very unfortunate that they’ve gone ahead with the boycott because a good number of the children affected are on free school meals.
“I think it’s extremely wrong for LCM to use the children as pawns in their battle with the county council over what they consider halal.”
I think it's funny as all hell...


Anonymous said...

Victimhood dictionary:
So to "request" something is to keep badgering and boycotting away until you get your own way, regardless of how many others, including your own children, suffer.

I hope they don't escalate to "insisting" or it will be a bloodbath.

Demetrius said...

So, were I an officer advising the LCC relevant committee what would I say? Stop serving any of the meats that are an issue and advise parents to make their own arrangements to include the relevant proteins in the foods they supply at home to their children.

Anonymous said...

So their kids are getting the meals for free,and they still make demands for special treatment?
and they wonder why they are so disliked.

Fahrenheit211 said...

Demetrious, why cannot the Mohammedens supply their children with halal packed lunches? After all that is what members of many other minority faiths which have dietary restrictions do. Unfortunately many Muslims and Islamic groups have forgotten the basic rule of being an immigrant or a religious minority, which is you don't piss off your hosts. It seems as if day by day the Sons of Ishmael have forgotten that. It is never a good idea to piss off your hosts either by having practices such as FGM or acting in an arrogant and threatening way that go against the grain of the host society. When a group does this there is inevitably a reaction. To safeguard their own future interests, it would be wise for the Islamic community to study immigrant success stories (such as the Jews and the Germans) and act accordingly. Somehow I don't expect they will.

John Pickworth said...

“This would put us in breach of equality laws..."

What's equal about being forced to supply different foods to different groups? That's not equal, it's precisely the opposite.

When I were a lad, those eating school meals had just one choice... well, actually, two. Eat what there was or go hungry.

Anonymous said...

Rather than enquire about whether vegetarian and piscitarian menus would be acceptable to the Muslim lobby, the council should just have introduced them. Once that had been done, the Halal only gang would have been left with no case. Problem solved.

JuliaM said...

"So to "request" something is to keep badgering and boycotting away until you get your own way..."

Yup! Amazing how words change in out language over time, ain't it?

"...and they wonder why they are so disliked."

It appears to be yet another little turf war over interpretations in their ghastly little creed.

Why should our schools have to deal with the fallout?

"It is never a good idea to piss off your hosts...."

Sadly, they know we aren't likely to do anything more than write angry letters to 'The Times'.

"...the council should just have introduced them."

Quite! 'Take it, or leave it'.