Saturday, 27 April 2013

It’s Elementary!

A father whose eldest son was "executed" because of a gangland feud involving his brother has told the Advertiser: "My boy is not to blame."
Oh, really? It appears the Tufail paterfamilias is quite the detective, exercising his leetle grey cells on behalf of his youngest:
"I know my son – he doesn't have it in him to stab anyone," said Sajid.
"The problem is the victim or victim's family don't get a say in the court process. Instead the criminals get to make the allegations and Amir can't defend himself. Sanchez Thomas obviously said a lot of things. But let's look at the facts. It was in broad daylight. Tooting is an extremely busy place. It was near where he worked. It was near the hospital and there was lots of CCTV. Amir wouldn't do anything like that."
But others, clearly, would:
The court heard how Thomas pulled alongside Umar, who was sitting in a car outside his home, at around 4.30pm on July 15 last year.
So…also in a public place, also in broad daylight?

Your defence is that your son is smarter than the two murderers who shot your other son and would have made a better job of it?


Anonymous said...

Stop picking on Croydon-Hull must be feeling left out...

Anonymous said...

It's enough to make you weep. Tears of joy, of course.

DavefromTacoma said...

Parents proclaiming their beloved little kiddies couldn't have possibly done the crime. A lot of that going around right now, see the Boston bombers' parents. In their minds the Boston PD, Massachusetts state police, the FBI, etc., all sat around and decided "screw catching the real bombers, let's frame these two innocent young men instead."

Anonymous said...

I thought the story was about that sad fuck Dave 'King of Plumstead' Courtenay and his late slag of a stepson Genson Pinto - shot by Dave's 'common (as muck)-in-law' wife's demented bruvver. Poor Old Dave eh? All out in court that he got whupped by his pumped up steroid fuelled slaggy stepson....S L A A A A A G.

Still, this story proves there's plenty of scum to go around.

MTG said...

"Still, this story proves there's plenty of scum to go around."

Enough to pack public services to the gunnels, Ranter.

Anonymous said...

Hey Melv, how are you? I've certainly missed your pithy and downright bonkers comments. Great to have you back.

Squires said...

"A lot of that going around right now, see the Boston bombers' parents."

Particularly the mother. Then it turns out she's a convicted thief. THEN it turns out there is an audio recording of her talking to one of her boys regarding going off on jihad. And the one sane relative, the uncle who said they deserved to die, has separately suggested that she was, indeed, egging them on towards being more observant of old Mo's rantings.

Anonymous said...

"Daley and Thomas, both from Unity Close..."

Almost swallowed my falsies over that !