Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Christopher Graney and his girlfriend Samantha Fenton, both 19, kicked and punched Andrew Connan, now 79, after pushing him to the ground at a bus stop in Bromley last October.
Mr Connan had been standing at a bus stop when he noticed Graney was driving without headlights and indicated that he should turn them on.
Fenton then said to him “are you going to let him get away with that?” before the pair stopped the car, got out and punched and kicked Mr Connan.
 Note how it's always the female who provokes these confrontations?
Graney, of Beckenham, and Fenton were arrested that night at Fenton’s home in Bromley and later convicted of ABH at Croydon crown court.
Graney, who also admitted a separate attack in 2011 where he hit a man with a metal bar, was jailed for three years and Fenton for two and a half.
 Wow! That showed them!
Sentencing the two today, Judge Stephen Weller said: “In my judgment only a custodial sentence is appropriate and indeed one that demonstrates the public’s abhorrence.”
Don't think you quite managed it, your worship...


Budvar said...

Ah yes the shrieking "Ere Dave, you gonna let im talk to me like that" harpy.

I remember one instance of this, we'd had a do earlier. He was stood by the bandit, and began shouting abuse in my direction. I calmly said "Bring it on" and motion him to come over.

It was at that point he noticed I was with a group of about 5 other lads with their wives who were all known to be a bit handy. He wasn't going to let that dissuade him, oh no, he then spent the next half hour trying to get "backup" from around the pub, but to no avail.

He then got on his mobile trying raise some of his homies, and once told of who they were up against, declined to help him.

This went on with glares in my direction from him, and "You want to have a go tosser, we can take it outside" from me. Until his bird went to the toilets, followed by the wife.

Upon her return, they promptly supped up and fucked off, and she was heard to say, "I didn't realise he was with her!!".

Sadly the world is full of arseholes like these.

Anonymous said...

Great comments on this story in the NS.My home town is like the deep south sometimes!

JuliaM said...

"Sadly the world is full of arseholes like these."

Because they are (mostly) protected from the consequences of being so!

"Great comments on this story in the NS."

Oh, indeed!