Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Do You Want It Fast, Or Do You Want It Truthful?

Because when it comes to council PR, there’s apparently a conflict:
Southend Council has apologised to protesters who were forced to remove t-shirts bearing the slogan "Scrap The Cabinet".
Southend Council issued the apologies for the "inaccuracies" of an original statement, which claimed protesters Mark Sharp, Patsy Link and Sheena Walker had been given a choice of covering up the slogans or leaving the meeting.
But the protesters had always argued that they were never given the option, leaving them sitting half naked for the meeting in the Civic Centre on February 28.
How can such a situation have arisen?
In the apology, Mr Holdcroft and Mr Tinlin said: "In assisting the press with a swift response, some inaccuracies appeared in the council's statement."
Ah, I see – you rushed out a statement based on what you assumed (or maybe hoped) had happened, rather than what had actually taken place.

Oh. And note the passive again – they ‘appeared’. As if by magic! Untouched by human hands!
"This is regrettable and we wish to apologise to you for this. "As a result of your complaint, we can confirm that we are reviewing the way we issue press statements."
You mean, you’ll actually try to ascertain what went on first before rushing our a PR response next time?


Martian said...

'... some inaccuracies appeared ...'. This is not passive voice, although it is a common mistake to confuse intransitive verbs with passive voice. The passive voice, if it existed for the verb 'to appear' would look like ' ... inaccuracies were appeared ...'.

JuliaM said...

Thanks! Still seeks to avoid blame, though.