Monday, 1 April 2013

Misleading Headlines...

Really? Well, those who just skim the headline and don't read the article will get a very different impression to those who do:
Detectives found evidence of possible bogus postal votes in three of 64 cases they investigated but none was sufficient to identify suspects or bring prosecutions, the Commission said.
That's quite a different thing, isn't it?
Officers received nearly twice as many reports of fraud from the borough alone than the total for any other force in the country - mostly from local councillors - sparking an investigation that involved inquiries at more than 60 properties.
One from which postal votes were sent was empty, another no longer housed the people whose votes were considered suspect and those at a third denied applying for postal votes and would not assist further.
It was decided there was no prospect of tracking down suspects or getting sufficiently concrete evidence.
Gosh! 'It was too hard, so we gave up.' Now where have I heard that before?

And it's strange how they can spend an inordinate amount of time on far more minor 'offences', isn't it?
The investigation also looked into media reports that a prisoner and a dead man had also "voted" but found no crime had been committed - the second individual having died after returning his postal vote.
Fair enough. But the prisoner?


Anonymous said...

Tower Hamlets is as bent as a nine-bob note.
Just look at who lives in the borough.

JuliaM said...

Well, quite! And who they elected Mayor.

Anonymous said...

And the evening Standard is now owned bu one of Putin's cronies...

And slowly but surely you can see the Max Keiser style leftist statist crap pervading it....