Monday, 8 April 2013

The Return Of The Modern Definition Of ‘Of Good Character’

Indy Bhomra, defending, said: “My client is of a good character and she is extremely remorseful about what happened.
“She has four children at home who rely on her and is surviving on benefits.”
Four children and a sick dog. Has anyone thought to check to see what they might be suffering from?
Owner Deborah Philips knew the mastiff dog, called Rebel, was suffering from a severe eye and anal infection but had ignored pleas by vets to get the animal treated, Birmingham Magistrates Court heard.
Inspectors from animal charity the RSPCA came to the dog’s rescue after Phillips’ 15-year-old daughter raised the alarm, said Gaynor Sutton, prosecuting.
“The teenager answered the door and said the dog had collapsed and was dying,” said Mrs Sutton.
“Inspectors saw the dog on the floor, unable to stand or even hold up its own head.”
Now, you are saying, if she’s on benefits, surely she qualifies for…

Hold that thought!
She said Philips was questioned over the dog’s condition and revealed she had called animal charity the PDSA about it.
“The PDSA asked her to bring the dog in but she said she didn’t as she didn’t have any transport,” added Mrs Sutton.
“She came up with a series of pathetic excuses as to why she could not take him to the vets.”
I'm guessing if her children need a doctor, the same thing will happen?


John Pickworth said...

The article's headline proclaims...

Mum faces prison after starving dog to death

The article though is less certain.

... inspectors had to carry the dog out of the property and rushed him to a vet, who found he weighed just 40kg – 10kg less than he should have.

So just 20% under-weight? A lot but not unusual in a large sick animal and wouldn't in itself be life threatening.

It’s not clear whether the pain from the infection or an insufficient diet caused the weight loss.

To be honest I'm not even sure why this matter is in court. Clearly, the accused isn't fit and proper to keep animals but to prosecute over a dog that was ill for a maximum of a week seems unnecessary. As for jail? Well, like that is going to happen... and all things considered, I'm not sure that would be the correct outcome.

Anonymous said...

There are some stupid people in this world. Never mind.

Just been reading about Margaret Thatcher's passing. There were times I totally diagreed with some of her actions and times I totally agreed.

What no-one can take away is the fact she was a strong and decent person on the whole. May she rest in peace.


Anonymous said...

I'm gettin a little hacked off with the individual that calls himself Iain Duncan Smith (George Smith).

Now let us be clear on something.

If a disabled person has a long term - especially for the rest of their life - disability, they need support and help. They cannot do what abled bodied people do. To traumatise these people and to instruct them to go for medicals and put them through fear in case they have no money to live on is diabolical. These people need help, not fear and hardship.

Sure, lazy buggers like Philpott need to be given a job, but you are using that vile specimen as an excuse to hurt genuine people in need.

I am quite clear that some of you greedy bastards can give up claiming for your £40 quid breakfasts and donate that money to the needy. I am also quite clear that you should concentrate on making the cuts where the money lies. With the rich.

If you think you can crucify the people with very little, they will have nothing to lose and will decide to take you with them.

The people are many. Greedy bastards are few. At this time, you saw the beginning of the future if you choose this path and that was with the riots. It will get worse unless you recognise that you cannot steal from the poor to give to the rich.

You cannot now paper over the huge cracks that have been created. Either do what is right with the positions of authority you have been given or suffer the ultimate consequences. Don't ever think you are safe. The judgement that will be placed upon you is for eternity. Is it worth it for your small time of greed?