Saturday, 1 February 2014

It’s A Perfect Storm!

Art lovers were horrified when two parents let their children clamber all over a multi-million pound sculpture at Tate Modern.
Said ‘multi million pound sculpture’ looking rather like the sort of avant-garde child/cat furniture you could pick up in Pet World or Ikea, maybe the kids had a point?
A visitor took a photograph of the family of four after she saw the children crawling on the installation, by American artist Donald Judd.
Today she told the Standard the parents had been encouraging their two daughters to play on the sculpture — and refused to back down when she confronted them.
Heh! They do seem to be the sort who are totally unaware of how they come across, don't they?
She said: “I was shocked. I said to the parents I didn't think their kids should be playing on a $10 million artwork. The woman turned around and told me I didn't know anything about kids and she was sorry if I ever had any.”
Oh, stop! I'm dying here!
The photograph went viral on the internet, with hundreds of art lovers expressing their outrage.
Art phonies vs self-centred indulgent parents – there’s really only one way to decide, isn't there..?


Anonymous said...


If they had put some crappy ornaments on them, the kids would have known they were shelves and not climbed on them. In Liverpool all the crap modern art with the tourists goes to the Tate Modern (don't go there folks) with all the decent stuff to the Walker (highly recommended).

Art lovers visit IKEA for your modern art fix (tip of the day).

Bucko said...

Those kids have reverse chav names.

Michael said...

They paid How much for that monstrosity! It looks like an overgrown Ikea shelf. So a child demonstrated that the Emperor's new clothes may e a little drafty around the Trossachs. The "Arty" crowd are, of course, outraged that a child has not treated this "installation" with reverent awe. This is not the way people are supposed to behave when presented with modern "art" and of course they are outraged at the very notion that other people have opinions that vary from the "correct" group think.

Joe Public said...

Pretentious “Art” is in the eye of the beholder; and the kids have voted!

Anonymous said...

Oh, this is the family Private Eye's 'It's Grom Up North London' is based on......

Re CHAV names....^editors_choice_six_of_the_best

whilst I applaud the story, the kidzes names FFS!
Kesari - 11yrs
Taezer - 13yrs
Mikeal - 19 yrs
Chay-Tyrell- 21
Josh (WHAT??) - 24

Macheath said...

there’s really only one way to decide, isn't there..?

Let them slog it out in a makeshift cage, film the whole thing and, after some arty editing, submit the resulting footage as an entry for next Year's Turner Prize.

(You could even call it 'Turnerdome'.)

Pavlov's Cat said...

Art phonies vs self-centred indulgent parents – there’s really only one way to decide, isn't there..?2 hours ago|

Whoever wins, we lose

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX Anonymous said...XX

Taezer - SHOCKING!

Josh (WHAT??)

Obviously conceived before they put flourine (Or was it Flouride...? Pitty it was not Bromide.) in the water.

Furor Teutonicus said...

On a more serious note...HONEST!

20012 I caught a family and their bastards climbing all over one of the anciet oaks in park Sancoussi in Potsdam.

Massive thing, with branches reaching out many meters, and hundreds of years old.

"Father", "Come on bounce see if we can break it off!"

Nicked them any way.

(Umweltschutz, (Environmental protection laws))

The Blocked Dwarf said...

"Taezer - 13yrs"

...and his siblings Glock-9yrs, Heckler-Koch...

The Blocked Dwarf said...

FT I hope you nicked them for damaging the habit of the Eichenprozessionsspinner (Oak Processionary Moth) too! What a shame that the Strafgesetzsbuch (German Criminal Codex) doesn't have the offence 'Being a fuckwit in public')

Ed P said...

I went to Tate Modern and sat down on some nondescript piece of crap for a rest, only to be told off by some jobsworth. Apparently it was part of the "installation".

Why not just stick a turd on a stick in the middle of the room? I can produce this "work of art" for them at the very reasonable price of only £1 million.

MTG said...

Ten 'almost practical' Judd shelves v six useless Warhol 'Brillo' boxes?

A real dilemma for any oligarch with a spare ten million dollars.

ivan said...

Well I have 89 up votes on the mail article for my comment that boils down to the public are being taken for a ride with modern art.

Fahrenheit211 said...

When I was younger and sojourning in one of Britain's crappier Labour party fiefdoms I encountered and started chatting to a woman in a shop.

This woman introduced me to her twin female children who were called Sensi and Amelia and were named after a type of seedless Cannabis. I used to think that these were the ultimate in chav names guaranteed to hamper a child's life, but now I've seen the name 'Taezer' I'm not quite so sure.

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX The Blocked Dwarf said...
What a shame that the Strafgesetzsbuch (German Criminal Codex) doesn't have the offence 'Being a fuckwit in public')XX

It was taken out as late as 1975

"Grober Unfug." StGB 360

But now there is a possibility under OWiG § 118 "Belästigung der Allgemeinheit."

"Breach of the peace" basically.

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX Why not just stick a turd on a stick in the middle of the room? XX

I thought someone had already done that??