Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Yes, It Could....By Your Daughter...

The mother of Rebecca Sessacar who was killed after being stabbed 58 times by her husband has said her daughter’s death could have been prevented.
No doubt it could. But mainly by Rebecca.
Sandra Ward, Mrs Sessacar’s mum, said the personal trainer should not have been allowed back to live with Rebecca having been arrested just days before the fatal attack for assaulting his wife.
Did she have no say in this, then?
Ms Ward also criticised the NHS for knowing Mr Sessacar had mental health issues having been previously sectioned but allowing him to go home from hospital.
Yes, well, why not turn your ire on the policy that allows this?
"I told Rebecca to have him put into hospital as she couldn’t manage looking after him. He was also a risk to himself and to Rebecca. I told her that she risked getting hurt but I never considered that he would go so far as to kill her.
"Rebecca should have been provided with more help and support."
Rebecca should have heeded the warnings. She didn't. That's not the fault of the authorities.


ivan said...

Julia, I know where this woman is coming from having had my daughter die of malaria when she was just 16. The natural reaction is to hit out at the injustice of it especially when you think it could have been prevented.

Yes there is blame on both sides. Her daughter for not being careful enough but also the woman herself for not being more clear to her daughter about her fears, and therein lies the root of this outburst against 'the authorities'.

She will live with blaming everyone else for her lack of doing anything for the rest of her life. I know because my ex-wife still blames me for my daughters death even though it was thirty odd years ago.

JuliaM said...

ivan, unless your daughter smeared herself with mosquito attractant and danced naked in a swamp, there's no comparison.