Monday, 17 February 2014

You Know What, Muhammed, For Once, I’m Not ‘Disappointed In Britain’…

Formerly a reluctant soldier for the Assad regime, Muhammed left his native Aleppo for Turkey in September 2012 with the aim of reaching “safety” in Britain, where he says he has cousins. He paid people smugglers to get him to Hungary – where he says was beaten and kept in solitary confinement – before continuing on his journey through Austria, Italy and France, arriving in Dover on the back of a lorry in July 2013 and quickly being detained.
Hurrah! Who could argue with that?
Like other Syrians in British custody he is facing a return to eastern Europe under the EU’s controversial Dublin regulation – which allows member states to return asylum seekers to the first European country they entered – despite the Government moving to accept 500 Syrian refugees after a campaign by aid agencies and The Independent.
Well, yes. Because presumably the government would like to pick those refugees to ensure they are deserving, that they are women and children, and not able bodied fit young men capable of looking after themselves.

Indeed, capable of breaking laws to cross countries to come here under their own steam.

Jerome Phelps, director of Detention Action, said that “traumatised people are facing removal to third countries where conditions are very poor” and that they are “being detained in a prison-like environment in the UK beforehand” .
Boo hoo hoo!
Muhammed said he was disappointed with Britain and had not expect to be “treated like a criminal” .
Why not? You are one.


Anonymouslemming said...

He needs to hijack a plan and head for Switzerland - they seem to be taking in asylum seekers who were destined for other EU countries today.

Anonymous said...

Yeah... and as for the Syrian refugees, maybe we could take in the Christians, and leave the muzzie nutters where they are?

JuliaM said...