Monday, 10 February 2014

Oh, Well, It’s Not Like They Are Using The Time To Teach Them To Read & Write…

The Department for Education has come under growing pressure to write to teachers informing them of the horrors of female genital mutilation, after a petition urging Michael Gove to intervene passed 100,000 signatures just 24 hours after it was put online.
Yes, well, Longrider has something customarily pithy to say about the usefulness of these online petitions...
The shadow home secretary, Yvette Cooper, said the education department had to go further and offer both teachers and parents comprehensive training about FGM.
Which parents..? All of them?


wiggiatlarge said...

It has to be an all inclusive answer to the problem, couldn't possibly go straight to the nub of it could she !

Greencoat said...

The people who encouraged the import of this third world savagery into our country are the very same ones now dishing out pompous lectures and howling that 'something must be done'.

It's a Leftwing meme.

Woman on a Raft said...

Having read through the comments I think the Graun may be on to something. (What on earth is wrong with me, I'm writing this far too often this week).

A widespread campaign making it clear that this is unlawful would clarify that this falls outside freedom of religion. No it is not alright, no matter which group of origin you come from. I think there is some confusion about that, which is one of the things making it difficult for the CPS. I'm guessing they do not want to bring a case only to find a confused or biased jury acquits, possibly thinking "Our girl had it, so what's the problem?" and thereby establish that culture is a defence to mutilation.

The difficulty for Gove is that this is not a priority for him and if he raises the issue, he is going to attract aggravation from groups campaigning against circumcision, which is a different issue and has done much to hamper those trying to deal with FGM.

Robert the Biker said...

Simple solution, if we really care about what the filth of islame do to their children (I don't); Chop the doctors fingers off, castrate the father and all male relations, nail the mothers tits to the table (channeling Yellowbeard here)then just dare the NEXT one to try it. Oh, and the girl is barred from this country forever, you went to Pak to have your fanny araldited up, you stay there love.

Anonymous said...

We aren't doing any of the things that would actually be effective in stamping this out.
1. Prospective immigrants should be screened to ensure none of the females in the family have undergone FGM. If any have, the whole extended family must be banned from entering the UK. Costs of screening to be borne by the applicants, not the taxpayer.
2. Female children in the UK have to be screened at intervals. If they have undergone FGM, the family should be deported.

andy5759 said...

WoaR mentioned circumcision; when I was but a lad that didn't bother me when I learned of it. Female "circumcision", when I heard about it, made my blood run cold. If Gove, or any other tw*t conflates that two they ought to be....... (here imagination runs wild).

Leg-iron said...

Well of course they have to include all parents. Can't go around stigmatising child-mutilators, can we? It's dere culture, innit?

This will 'raise awareness' among the cotton-wool-covered Leftie middle class mums that Mrs Adiboledobole next door might have had her daughter's poontang pruned. Whether she really has or not will be of no consequence in this brave new world of The Land Of Might-Have-Been.

They will blow every brain-fuse trying to be simultaneously non-judgemental and repulsed.

Interesting, and often highly amusing times we live in.

Tatty said...

'When the adults failed to prosecute in the Courts Of Law for the illegal mutilation of children the adults then turned to the children to tell them all about it.'

Can't decide between Orwell, Huxley and HG Wells.

Unknown said...

Guardian is promoting Fahma to be their Malala

JuliaM said...

"(What on earth is wrong with me, I'm writing this far too often this week)."

It must be 'stopped clock' time... ;)

"Oh, and the girl is barred from this country forever, you went to Pak to have your fanny araldited up, you stay there love."

THAT would concentrate minds, wouldn't it?

"Interesting, and often highly amusing times we live in."

The Chinese know their curses, don't they?