Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Who’d Be A Bus Driver?

Single mum Miss Jones …
*sigh* It always is, isn’t it?
… claims the drama unfolded after she got on the number 32 bus with her two children – two-and-a-half-year-old Harry and daughter Paige – in Timberdine Close, near Cherry Orchard Primary School, Worcester. They were heading towards St Peter’s at about 3.25pm on Wednesday, December 18.
“My two children and I caught a bus and my five-year-old daughter ended up getting closed in the door. An old scab was knocked off and she was left with a small burn mark,” said Miss Jones.
“The driver said ‘whoops, wrong button’, then laughed.
“My daughter did not tell me until we were off the bus and she was upset. She thought the driver was laughing at her.”
And nor is this trivial incident the only one in her litany of whinges:
Miss Jones also claims the driver was talking to another driver to whom he was giving a lift while the bus was at the stop and throughout the journey.
“Even after we had got on the bus, the driver continued his conversation even though there are signs clearly saying not to talk to the driver while the bus is in motion,” she said.
“Prams were in the walkways and people were not asked to put them in the right place.
"Around eight people had to squeeze into the very front section of the bus including me and I was holding a collapsed pram.”
Wah, wah, wah...
A spokesman for First Group buses, which runs the service, said an investigation was being launched into the incident.
He said: "We take all incidents very seriously and will be undertaking a full investigation into the matter. “All our staff are trained to a high standard and are expected to deal with any incident with care and compassion.
"We’ll contact the customer concerned to resolve the matter when we have concluded our investigations.”
Do you think you'll ever be able to satisfy her then?


Ian B said...

"An old scab was knocked off and she was left with a small burn mark"

Alternative headline:

"Elderly non unionised worker pushed off bus by five year old".

Anonymous said...

Poor mum, lucky her kidz don't go to this skool:

(Kodie, Kayne and Khyron - I kid you not....)


Great comment re common denominators too!

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX I was holding a collapsed pram.” XX


Did she call the Prambulance?

andy5759 said...

Haha, very good. It would appear the scab was smoking, well done little lass, you will go far in this world.

JuliaM said...

"Alternative headline..."


"Kodie, Kayne and Khyron - I kid you not..."

Awesome #chavnames!