Thursday, 6 February 2014

Family Matters…

Sharon O’Callaghan, 31, tried to intervene when she witnessed her brother, Stephen striking his girlfriend Alexea Gordon.
In a rage, Sharon’s brother turned on her, hitting her about the head and face until she was knocked unconscious.
Her 32-year-old bother, Stephen O’Callaghan was arrested the next day and appeared before Blackburn magistrates in July, but pleading not guilty to assaulting Sharon, causing her actual bodily harm.
He has since changed his plea to guilty of ABH at Preston Crown Court and is awaiting sentence next month.
Still, at least the girlfriend had a lucky esc…

Alexea did not press charges and the pair remain a couple.
Ah, well, at least no-one could have known he would act li…

Stephen was jailed in 2007 after being found guilty of assaulting a former girlfriend.
I think we’ll make tackling domestic violence a priority when the victims do their share of the heavy lifting, eh?


The Blocked Dwarf said...

One can only hope that the 'domestic abuse' included a few hefty kicks to the ovaries with steel capped trainers.

The thought of her breeding...

John M said...

Alas when the beatings happen next time there is now law which allows the Police to answer the 999 call and say "what you again, after the last time? get stuffed!" and put the phone down on them.

Now *that* would be justice.

blueknight said...

Not only do many DV victims go back to their abusers, but some victims of DV that leave one abusive relationship only to walk right into another, like moths to a flame.
There is some complicated cause and effect going on but it is not fashionable to admit it..

Woman on a Raft said...

This story may be relevant. A woman who stayed with an abusive boyfriend had her first child removed on the argument that she could not protect the child as she refused to protect herself.

She expects the second child to be removed as she refuses to end the relationship. (The man is currently in prison.)

Picture warning. It is a strange picture and looks like there is something else going on.

Budvar said...

WOAR, can you say "Pikey alert"?

WRT battered wives, yes there are men who are bullying bastards. They come home and beat up the wife because they're such soft useless fuckers, she's about all they can handle.

The other side of the coin is, there are women who deserve everything they get. (There I said it!) We all know at least one, goes from one abusive relationship to another, but here's the kicker, some of the men have no track record of wife beating before her. Is it possible that they've managed to keep it quiet all these years and not raise any suspicions? Possibly. Is it likely? Probably not.

JuliaM said...

"The thought of her breeding..."

Indeed so!

"There is some complicated cause and effect going on but it is not fashionable to admit it.."

As Erin Pizzey found out.