Thursday, 27 February 2014

Modern Families

As friends began to leave flowers outside and write messages on the boarded up door to the flat, his parents Martin Smith and Lisa Tremble appealed for help to convict his killer.
Mrs Tremble said the death had “ripped my heart into pieces”.
Mrs Tremble said: “I want justice for Connor and to appeal to anybody with information regarding his death to come forward.
“I urge you to think about the value and delicacy of life.
“Connor was a much-loved son, big brother, nephew and grandson.
“His death has ripped my heart into pieces and I feel I have been robbed of something priceless.”
Not so ‘priceless’ you were actually housing him, though?
Grieving friends have also paid tribute to Connor, who was being looked after by Oxfordshire County Council.
Paul Smith, a spokesman for Oxfordshire County Council, said Connor was in close contact with the social services until his death.
He added: “Oxfordshire County Council was shocked and saddened to hear of the violent death of Connor Tremble.
“Our sympathies go out to his family and friends.
“There will be a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding this tragic death so that any lessons for the future can be learned.”
Maybe to not give a teenage boy the keys to his own flat?
Friends and family also took to Facebook to pay tribute.
*braces self*
Emma Pattinson wrote: “U will be sadly missed bt never forgotten love u always.”
Joffan Stear added: “R.I.P. bruv ur guna b missed by millions.”


Bucko said...

Missed by millions? OMG, LOL, Etc

John M said...

You know I've got friends in Banbury and yet I've never been stabbed by any of them, let alone have one apparently go to the trouble of travelling 30-odd miles from home to put me to death.

My point is this bloke clearly had bad friends. I don't have friends like that, and I don't piss them off... guess what - I'm still alive. You have to wonder at what this bloke was into and the company he kept... most people don't get killed by thier acquiantences...

Anonymous said...


What Mr Bucko said, and he must have had a reasonable job to pay the rent on a flat for a 17 year old.

Bucko said...

Bunny - I've never paid the rent on any flat for any 17 year old. What must you think of me!?

JuliaM said...

"OMG, LOL, Etc"


"You have to wonder at what this bloke was into and the company he kept..."

I was waiting for the telling 'well known in the community' phrase, myself...