Saturday, 1 February 2014

Misuse Of The 999 System?

Amber Langtry, 35, was walking her dog with a friend on New Year's Day when a lone Tower Hamlets Enforcement Officer accused her of not clearing up after her pet.
When she explained to the officer that he'd made a mistake and asked to see the offending evidence, he refused to show her, then pointed to a spot in the opposite direction to where Miss Langtry's dog had been.
He then proceeded to issue her with a ticket and called the police.
Who turned up and arrested him for dialling 999 without reasonable cause? I wish...
Miss Langtry added: "I remember thinking, ‘This is ridiculous. Why does he need police back-up for a five-foot-four woman looking for a dog p**?'"
"When the police got here they were as bemused as I was, and they didn't have a problem with me or my dog."
We know, of course, that this officious and cowardly little berk would immediately discover an urgent need to take a personal break should he catch sight of Stabby McChav hoving into sight with Fang at his heels...
In a five page letter to Miss Langtry Tower Hamlets council outlines that it will not be continuing with prosecution, but that "the officer has power to deal with an offence of failing to remove dog faces [sic]."
It goes on to state that "the officer was on single patrol at the time and made a dynamic risk assessment for his own personal safety.
"The dog barked at the officer and this is also admitted by the owner."
Yes. Dogs bark. Wouldn't that be in the job's risk profile?


Anonymous said...

THEO looks like he was a former member of some Eastern European prison warder / traffic police unit. He will do well when the MET hands over policing to the ISLAMIC London Borough of Tower Hamlets, just shows how wonderful our immigration policy is.

MTG said...

As an unwilling victim to local council extravagance, I am least supportive of radiator plod and lunatic jobsworths. However this dog owner's immediate offer to return to 'scoop the poop' was a very telling admission. On the faece of it, the warden was neither cowardly nor fervid, Julia.

Anonymous said...


Could this be a case of the fact that he is an Islamic male trying to control a lesser species, ie a western female and it isn't working. Somehow if he met a couple of lads with greyhounds or lurchers they would have beaten him half to death.

Anonymous said...

Way off mark again MTG....way off....