Wednesday, 26 February 2014

“And A Pony! Don’t Forget The Pony!” Part 3584

Organiser Reverend Paul Nicolson has announced that the second Thousand Mothers March will take place on the Saturday, March 29, at 11am.
Oh, here we go again
The group wants the Government to ensure affordable, secure, decent homes are provided for all of London’s families.
Which is clearly government’s job. Right?
And to ensure they have adequate incomes to pay the rent, keep them warm, buy food, clothes and shoes for growing children, and to buy a TFL Oyster card.
*grinds teeth*


andy5759 said...

It IS the government's job to provide a safe, secure environment in which people can prosper through work and enterprise. Are they succeeding?

James Higham said...

Who looks after the kids?

JuliaM said...

"Are they succeeding?"

No, they seem to be hell-bent on creating a country where everyone is dependent on the government for a hand-out!

"Who looks after the kids?"

Not the fathers, I'm betting...