Friday, 21 February 2014

Blaming The Victim…

In an incident that has reportedly split a village community, Maisie, a Staffordshire cross, ripped victim Michael Briggs’ hand and savaged his jack russell Rosie.
Mr Briggs later said that, as he was bleeding, Maisie’s guardian, 63-year-old Margaret Bennett, tried to blame him for the incident.
‘Guardian’..? Do they mean ‘owner’?
Claire French, prosecuting, said Ms Bennett, of Hazeldene, Chieveley, had allowed an 11-year-old child to hold Maisie’s lead. As they approached Mr Briggs on Hampstead Norreys Road, Hermitage, Maisie became “completely out of control” , slipping her lead before leaping straight at them, Ms French added.
Mr Briggs told police that he instinctively turned away and Rosie lept into his arms, but Maisie tore his hand before biting Rosie about the body.
As Mr Briggs’ fled, said Ms French, Ms Bennett reproached him for not crossing to the other side of the road to avoid her.
She added: “He made inquiries in the village and was told that the dog was known to be aggressive and dangerous and had been out of control on a number of occasions.
“His view is that the dog is dangerous and should be destroyed to prevent anyone else being hurt, especially children.
“Since this incident, he says, Maisie has been seen off the lead several times.”
But the defence hit back by blaming the victim for not being sanguine about his savaging...
However, Aisling McMasters, defending, said Maisie had probably “thought it was a game” and had been trying to play with Rosie when she jumped into Mr Briggs’ arms.
She said that there had been no recorded incidents of Maisie attacking anyone else and handed photos to magistrates of the dog participating in displays at the Royal County of Berkshire Show.
She also handed in testimonials from some villagers saying Maisie was not dangerous.
Ms McMasters added: “Maisie often plays with children and takes part in shows several times a year. Ms Bennett tried to apologise to Mr Briggs but received abuse.
“He has been quite active in ensuring everyone in the community knows about this incident and has made comments in the pub, which could have led to an escalation.”
What, the dog might have attacked his pet and bitten him again..?
After retiring to consider sentence, magistrates fined Ms Bennett £80 with £85 costs and a £20 statutory surcharge. They also ordered her to pay Mr Briggs’ vet bill plus £100 in compensation for his injuries.
They further stipulated that Maisie be subject to a contingent destruction order, requiring her to be kept on a lead by an adult in public at all times. Defaulting on such an order could lead to the dog being destroyed.
I think they are considering the destruction of the wrong out of control bitch...


Anonymous said...

Shoot them both?

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX Maisie became “completely out of control” XX

"Went", or "completely uncontrolable."

Is English not a requirement for law school these days?

Stupid bitch.

JuliaM said...

FT, English doesn't seem to be a requirement for anything these days...