Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Why Didn't MPs Think Of 'Setting A Better Example'...

...when they were ripping us all off in the expenses scandal?
Two councillors have come under fire after taking part in a highly controversial Facebook game involving ‘necking’ alcoholic drinks as quickly as possible.
Ah, the crime du jour, being stupid on the internet.
Two councillors, Paul White and Jennifer Purcell, have been rapped by local MPs who said they should be ‘setting a better example’.
Just them, eh?
The two councillors defended their actions with Coun White saying there was nothing dangerous in what he had done, while Coun Purcell said it was a ‘bit of a laugh’ used to raise money for charity.
Well, quite! But that didn't stop our august representatives thieving lying swine from getting on their soapboxes:
Pendle MP Andrew Stevenson said: “Seeing councillors behave in this way is nothing to be proud of.
“They need to realise that even in their private lives, they should be setting an example, especially to young people.”
Yes, indeed, but at least they aren't using their connections to get murder suspects a photo opportunity with the Prime Minister, eh?
Blackburn MP Jack Straw said: “I think that elected politicians, like other people in public life, must be careful about the example they set.
“The prevalence of social media makes it even more important for one to be always on guard.”
Pity they didn't have someone highly placed try to cover it up, eh, Jack?
And Geoff Driver, leader of the Tory group on Lancashire County Council said: “Everybody should always drink responsibly.
“I would be extremely disappointed if any of my colleagues did anything that would encourage otherwise.”
There's worse things than being stupid on the internet, eh, Geoff?


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XX “Everybody should always drink responsibly. XX


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