Saturday, 1 March 2014

A Tale Of Two Cities…

So, while London tries to stifle trade in Brick Lane on ‘anti-social behaviour’ grounds, Blackburn would be only too happy to see groups of brawling vomiting youths:
Blackburn Taxi Association chairman Mohammed Yunis, said: “With the one-way system, the bus station going, and no night-life at all, we’re struggling. There are not many clubs, and if they could bring nightlife back, that would be better.”
Bastwell councillor Iftakhar Hussain said many taxi drivers had been coming to him with their problems. “I feel sorry for them, some of them are of such an age they can’t change jobs,” he said.
“It looks like a ghost town at night, there’s nothing for people to come into town for.”
Oh, the Tower Hamlets councillors would think that was heaven, Iftakhar!
Damian Talbot, Blackburn with Darwen Council’s executive member for the leisure, culture and young people said: “It’s about trying anything. “The economy’s not in the strongest position and people’s drinking habits are changing.
From the beginning of March pubs are going to be encouraging students to come into town on a Thursday night. We’re working with the college on this.
“With Blakey’s, our licensed venue, we’ve worked very hard to make sure there is a lot going on at the weekends.
“We’re hoping it will all have a knock-on effect. If there are more people in the town centre at night they are going to be using taxis more.”
Maybe enterprising Tower Hamlets firms should organise coach tours to Blackburn?


Rickie said...

Thats the youth of today for you, town centres full of old fashioned pubs which were full 30 years ago have no interest for them whatsoever, its the trendy places to be seen at that count and Manchester is where they will go.

Virtually nothing to do with the smoking ban at all empty pubs or dead town centres like Blackburn

Don't believe me...try and find under 25yrs supping booze this lunchtime in your local pub.

Lancastrian Oik said...

Sorry to be pedantic, Julia, but Blackburn isn't a city.

It's a shithole.

Joe Public said...

Your previous post was "Save The Artists!".

This one's about "Save the Piss Artists"

JuliaM said...

"Virtually nothing to do with the smoking ban at all ..."

Ummm, yeah. If you say so.

"...but Blackburn isn't a city.

It's a shithole."

I stand corrected... ;)