Friday, 21 March 2014

Technically, She’s Probably Right…

Phillipa Perry on childhood:
In a recently published study in Psychological Science, experimenters found out that children as young as three can evaluate trustworthiness accurately, and as well as adults can by the time they are seven.
Which adults are those, Phillipa? The women who routinely form relationships with violent men? Who keep going back to them despite this?
If we teach our children to unlearn their talent for natural discrimination because, say, we are embarrassed by their lack of manners, we are endangering them.
Have you seen any modern children, Phillipa? It seems adults are never troubling themselves to be embarrassed by a perceived lack of manners any more.

And that’s the problem.


Anonymous said...

"children as young as three can evaluate trustworthiness accurately"

Kittens do that in minutes.

Don't they, Jules?

JuliaM said...

Let's hope so!