Thursday, 13 March 2014

Solution Simple! Make Her Live With The Judge…

For more than a year Basildon Council has been battling to evict Sara Penlington from her flat in Clay Hill Road.
But the process was put in jeopardy after a judge delayed a crucial court hearing last week.
I suppose he had a good reason for this, though?
The order banning anyone from entering the flat was granted by Basildon Magistrates’ Court while the council’s legal team prepared an eviction case – which was due to be heard at Southend County Court last Wednesday.
But the judge delayed the hearing until August at the last minute, with no reason being given to furious housing bosses.
Phil Turner, deputy leader and councillor responsible for housing, said: “… some law courts take a more lenient view and we have to continually fight an uphill battle legally with such cases to win back our residents’ rights to enjoy quality of life.”
Why should the judge care about that? He can indulge his bleeding heart conscience knowing full well she doesn't live near him, after all...


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Agreed. I should have gone into law... :(