Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The Columbian Police Force Could Not Be Reached For Comment…

…probably because they were all too far busy … being corrupt.
His father Thomas Bermudez, 42, who used to be a police officer in his native country of Columbia, said: "The police are unprofessional.
"Any country in the world this is a very bad situation.
"He is only 15-years-old. The procedure is not good."
I’m sure recalcitrant 15 year olds who resist arrest in Colombia are dealt with merely by way of a wagged finger and a reproachful look…


Anonymous said...

It is spelt Colombia. I have to say that the bit about police corruption is correct, I have been there and when we woken up in the night be a neighbour playing very loud music, I suggested calling the police. I was told he would give them money and they would go away.

Anonymous said...

Fuck me as if The Crays weren';t bad enough, now we half Colombian half breeds being fuckwits? It will be like South Central LA soon.

JuliaM said...

"It is spelt Colombia."

My spellcheck kept arguing with me! ;)

" It will be like South Central LA soon."

What do you mean, 'soon'..?