Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Save Our ...Errr, Jobs!

"In the last six months, the gang situation was almost quiet," the SOS Project's Chris Douglas said.
"Then it all exploded in January and we're all trying to find out the motivation behind it. It's still very difficult to say."
He was talking about the spate of violence last month where six young people were stabbed in five separate incidents.
Antonia Ejoh, his colleague, said: "You can feel the tension again between gangs. This is the first big blow up for a long time and I think the environment is changing."
 It's certainly changing for you two...
The SOS Project in Croydon is currently facing closure after a contract with the High Street Fund ran out in November. They need individual donations and corporate sponsorship to survive in Croydon.
Yeah, I think I'd rather give my money to the Foundation for Three Legged Bandicoots too...


Anonymous said...

As long as they're only killing each other, it's a self-cleaning situation, innit?

JuliaM said...

Yeah, blud! :D