Tuesday, 18 March 2014

I Think I Need To Buy A Popcorn Factory…

A staunchly left-wing trade union that has fought a bitter campaign to protect the pay and conditions of 250,000 public-sector workers is poised to impose draconian terms on its own staff’s pension plans.
Documents seen by The Independent reveal the Public & Commercial Services Union faces a pensions crisis, with the combined deficit on two of its schemes estimated to be as high as £65.5 million.
Woo hoo! I haven’t laughed so much since I heard about Bob Crow’s demise…
… the PCS has privately admitted, given its limited financial resources, that “it is no longer affordable to maintain benefits at current levels” and “no one single change to benefits is going to be sufficient to bridge the gap”.
The documents show the Pensions Regulator criticised the PCS’s previous valuations of its pension schemes as being too optimistic over its ability to afford them.
So no wonder they are so optimistic about others’ ability to afford them…
A union source said that the “Government is going to have a field day with this” , given the PCS’s “Protect our pensions” campaign that condemned the Coalition for wanting public-sector workers to “work longer and retire with less”.
The Scottish Secretary, Alistair Carmichael, said last night: “Changes to public-sector pensions were inevitable and necessary but difficult – and made all the more difficult by the obstructive politicisation by unions like the PCS. To see them now imposing on their own staff a worse deal than we offered their members is a bit rich.”
Indeed so. But then, wasn’t hypocrisy always a hallmark of the Left?


Fidel Cuntstruck said...

Li'l OJ .. on his high horse?

Shurely shome mistake?

Seriously though, I think he's found his nirvana - at least for a while. He's preaching to the choir now he's writing for the Graun, and I'm sure he's already wallowing in a sea of approval from all the other swivel eyed loons that believe the only way is Left.

He's always saying that he doesn't want to be a member of Parliament, and at the moment I actually believe him - not because I think he disapproves of what goes on in Parliament - but because expounding his theories on how the rest of us should live and be treated is safe when it's just an opinion. If he became an MP then he'd have to temper his beliefs and commitment to get anything done - and having to compromise just doesn't fit with an idealistic zealot like he is.

Fidel Cuntstruck said...


Poste this in the wrong thread - can you move it?

John M said...

What is rather bemusing is that if the PCS applied the political position they advocate on public sector pensions to thier own scheme they could just fund the overspend by handing the bill to the poor taxpayer.

Bit of a f**ker when you don't have the option of lumping your mistakes on others isn't it?

JuliaM said...

"...can you move it?"

Sadly not! Blogger is somewhat limited in that fashion.

"Bit of a f**ker when you don't have the option of lumping your mistakes on others isn't it?"

Indeed! *sits back with popcorn*