Wednesday, 26 March 2014

“Consequences? What, Me..? Surely Not!?”

Konstancja Duff, 25, was arrested, ordered to pay an £810 fine and given a three-month conditional discharge after writing slogans in coloured chalk during a protest for the rights of cleaning staff.
Ms Duff, who has taught part-time at Birkbeck College and is now studying for a PhD in philosophy at Sussex university, said: “Any normal person would think chalk could be rubbed off.
“It is an accepted form of campaigning around the university to write things in chalk.”
Well, guess what, honey, out in the real world we call it ‘vandalism’.
Fifty London academics have written to university bosses to complain about her “vindictive” treatment. They also sent dishcloths, which they said could have been used to clean the chalk off.
Cool! If I was the university management, I’d put out a news report thanking them for the free dishcloths and the subsequent reduction in the cleaning supply bill...
A university spokesman said: “The graffiti on the foundation stone required high-pressure hydrocleaning, which resulted in the removal of the gold lettering, which needed to be replaced.
“The university did not press charges against the individual.”
Well, no. Because this isn't America.

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