Thursday, 6 March 2014

Possession Is Nine-Tenths Of… Oh.

Do we all remember the case of Cllr Balbir Sandhu? Let’s recap:
“Last night, Normanton councillor Balbir Sandhu, who lives about a mile away in Field Rise, Littleover, said he feared the greyhound and Alsatian involved in the incident were his dogs.
He said: "My dogs went missing at about six o'clock. My dad opened the gate and didn't close it. He has had two strokes and it's affected his memory.
"My guess is it is my dogs. It's terrible – I want the woman to know I am very sorry and I will do everything I can to help her."
He said: "I'm in contact with the police. We're still looking for them."
A police spokeswoman confirmed that they were investigating a dog attack but could not confirm whether or not Mr Sandhu's dogs had been found.”
Well, the case came to court and… whoops!
A Derby city councillor has had two charges of being responsible for a pair of out of control dogs thrown out.
Balbir Sandhu had pleaded not guilty to two charges under the Dangerous Dogs Act following an attack on Squires Way, Littleover, on September 6. Today Mr Sandhu, of Field Rise, Littleover, appeared at Chesterfield Magistrates' Court where he was due to be tried on the charges.
However the case was thrown out because of the wording of the charges brought against Mr Sandhu.
District Judge Maurice Cooper said: "There is no evidence that Balbir Sandhu was in charge of either dog at the time and the two charges will have to be dismissed."
Instead the wife admitted the charges.
Kaur was told to pay £670 in fines and £1,428.63 compensation.
The greyhound was made the subject of an order meaning it could be put down if conditions aren’t met.
The conditions are that it has got to be muzzled and kept on a lead at all times when in public places, and that it must be with and supervised by either Balbir Singh Sandhu, Jaswinder Kaur, Jatinder Singh Sandhu, Dapinder Singh Sandhu and no-one else, in a public place.
An order was made that the Alsatian be kept under proper control.
One can only hope that if (when?) they attack yet again, the object of their ire is either a family member, a District Judge or another councillor, and not a little girl or a lady walking her own pet.

The comments make rather interesting reading.

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