Monday, 3 March 2014

I Suppose The Leniency Of The Lewis Gill Sentence Should Have Come As No Surprise…

Sentencing, Judge Keith Cutler told Gill: “I bear in mind your early guilty plea, I accept there is no premeditated element and provocation does exist.”
He added: “You will have to bear in mind for the rest of your life the fact that you've been responsible for the death of another human being.
“It is a very heavy responsibility and one you will have to manage to cope with.”
After all, this is the chap who had some rather odd ideas about how to hold an inquest for a dead gangsta (not that it bought him any safety from the rapacious relatives, mind...).

He seems to only concern himself with...well, people like himself:
A senior judge has broken with years of tradition by speaking out against critics of his profession. Council of Circuit Judges secretary Keith Cutler said colleagues were "pretty low" after mounting criticism over sentencing of serious offenders.
Awww, no! Poor judges… *sniffs* *wipes away tear*

He also revealed that the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales had written to all circuit judges saying it was legitimate for the media to criticise sentences but any personal attack damaged public confidence in the criminal justice system.
I think Cutler’s helping do that all by himself…


Anonymous said...

Re. that story on the Bournemouth Echo, I was shocked but not surprised to see the 'justified grievance' narrative trotted out by the journalist:

"Gill, 20, lashed out at Asperger's sufferer Andrew Young in November last year after the 40-year-old made a racist remark to an acquaintance."

Gill didn't 'lash out'; he waited until his West African bredda had wheeled past before 'sucker punching' Young. He wound his arm back, took a step and smacked Young as hard as he could.

Young's alleged 'racist' (accurate?) remark seems all too convenient.

Anonymous said...


The only trouble is, is that there is a set of sentencing guidelines, get rid of the guidelines or the automatic reduction of the tariff and see what happens to the sentences.. Idiots like Cutler will still under sentence but at least they wont be able to weasel out of criticism so easily and maybe some will give tougher sentences.

Also how about having an accountable judiciary, with judges who are too soft being replaced. Now if the judge had said, you will have to live for the rest of your life with this, which isn't going to be long because we are going to execute you, now that would be an improvement.

Anonymous said...

This Judge stinks of "Common Purpose".

So elect the judges.

It should be part of what is (laughingly) called democratic process.

We poor little sods pay for the whole thing. Then let us all have a proper say in who is at the top of the tree.

JuliaM said...

"Young's alleged 'racist' (accurate?) remark seems all too convenient."

Did any witness hear it?

"The only trouble is, is that there is a set of sentencing guidelines, get rid of the guidelines or the automatic reduction of the tariff and see what happens to the sentences.."

It'd make no difference. Too many are like him. And what use criticism, which they can just ignore?

Accountability, now. THAT'S the ticket!

"So elect the judges."

Yes, the people who elect Diane Abbott and David Lammy would make the right choices. I'm sure.