Saturday, 29 March 2014

Well, We Wouldn’t Want To Break Up A Family, Now…

The family of a teenager who came close to being deported on her own are to be sent back to Mauritius along with the 19-year-old after losing their appeal, it emerged on Tuesday.
*chuckles* That’s one way to get around it – I take my hat off to you for once, Home Office!
On Tuesday evening, the news was broken to teachers and friends of two of the family's three children at the Oasis Academy Hadley, in north London, who have led a campaign to block the deportation supported by more than 100,000 people.
Headteacher Lynne Dawes said she thought the move was an attempt to dismiss their argument that deporting Yashika would split up her family.
And it worked!

The news came as a disappointment to those who thought sentiment should win the day over the rules and the laws of the land:
Lee Pedder, 18, a friend of Yashika, said: "Our legal team are pushing them and we will continue to as well. If her entire family is going to be deported, we will support them all. This is a massively cynical tactic to try and shut up democratic oversight."
Estyhia Tangeli, 18, said the decision to deport both girls from the school, and the rest of the family, was disgraceful. She said: "It makes them look worse as they will lose two valuable members of society; her sister is predicted As and A*s in her GCSEs she's about to sit."
Another friend, Shantelle Creed, 17, said: "We're showing just how passionate and engaged we are and they're backing us into a corner. We won't stop."
OK, I agree. Let’s keep them. And deport Lee, Estyhia and Shantelle in their place.

I think we’d probably be getting the best of the bargain…


Anonymous said...

Why don't they do this with real criminals who get off from being deported due to their right to a family life. Just deport the wife and kids as well. If they don't want to go, their family life must have been shit in the first place!

Joe Public said...

The rest of us would have to pay a fortune to go to Mauritius.

Let's not forget the sole reason they were allowed into the UK:

"The family came to the UK in 2012, fleeing violent threats from a family member."

Perhaps Mauritian law enforcement should be enforced by the Mauritians.

Nick Roberts said...

Google it: She's the only one, like Tigger. no, Julia, she's a unique national treasure that we simply must keep.

Anonymous said...

I agree with JP.Are we now to take in all the victims of crime from around the world as well?
If the Mauritian police need a hand arresting this alleged criminal then I will happily volunteer to pop over there.Or perhaps he really doesn't exist....hush my mouth to suggest an immigrant might tell lies to get over here.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting watching the TV Border Control programmes in places like Australia and Canada. Not got the right visa, lied to get a visa,not enough cash to support yourself? Back to your home country on the next plane. That is the way to deal with unwanted immigrants.

Ed P said...

Byeee! Missing you already!

Nick, if I mis-spell my name Eidwaurdio, will I become a "national treasure" too?
But seriously, the only way modern yoof can stand out from the anodyne mass is by special name spellings.

Anonymous said...


Hooray how about some more deportations, these kids complaining about the girl being sent back to Mauritius raise the argument that a few more deportations seems a sound idea.

Greencoat said...


That's Gaelic for 'Result!'

JuliaM said...

"Why don't they do this with real criminals..."

Well, she is a real criminal (in the sense that she's overstayed her visa knowingly) but I know what you mean...

Seriously? "

Yup! This school is rich in diversity...

"It is interesting watching the TV Border Control programmes in places like Australia and Canada."

Rather like property porn shows, it's nice, but you quickly realise you'll never have it.. :(