Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Paperwork – It’s Like Kryptonite To Travellers…

Shane Smith was left angered last week after Worcester City Council authorised his two animals to be impounded.
They had been left grazing on council- owned grassland along Wainwright Road in Warndon Villages, Worcester.
A common problem, and one that’s lead to more than a few deaths of humans, as well as the unfortunate horses:
But Mr Smith, who is 23 and lives in Offerton Lane, Worcester, says it was too much of a rigmarole to get them back. They could now be sold at auction should they not be claimed.
"I'm going to let them keep them," said Mr Smith. "They wanted me to provide them with a lot of paperwork and money to get them back. "
And wait, don’t tell me, let me guess! You’d ‘misplaced’ all the paperwork, right? And the microchip must have moved. Yes?


Robert the Biker said...

I do hope the council have the jam to prosecute the pikey twat for abandoning animals and not having the proper paperwork; after all, how can the council auction them without thepapers?

Jim said...

"How can the council auction them without the papers?"

I'm sure there's a very bureaucratic (and expensive) way of getting an unchipped horse on the register, whereupon the horse will be sold, for a quid if they're lucky as you can't give nags like that away these days, most likely to a confederate of Mr Smith on his behalf, who will have had his horse all correctly chipped (and fed and treated medically in the meantime) at our expense.

JuliaM said...

"...after all, how can the council auction them without thepapers?"

I think they simply cut new papers from point of sale, don'y they?

"...most likely to a confederate of Mr Smith on his behalf.."

I wouldn't be surprised... :/