Sunday, 16 March 2014

Somehow, I Don't Think 'Ask Julia' Will Ever Catch On...

Well, L.P. (may I call you L.P.? I take it it stands for Low-information Parent...), it seems you've failed in your first duty as a parent, since you've clearly allowed your son to have the password, which we all should really know by now is a bit of a no-no.

You aren't the first, mind you, and even those who should know better have been caught out. But it's still pretty dim of you, even so.

And...because he was at school, it couldn't possibly have been him? Really? You think your son obeys all the rules..?

You're too dim to own an iPad. I wonder how you managed to breed successfully.


Anonymous said...

I'm an ex-IT bod.

ipad owners are dim by default.

ivan said...

Big question, how can Google be responsible, they are only the shop after all.

Maybe he is trying to get 'compensation' from Google because they have big pockets when he should be blaming himself for his own stupidity.

The other question that should be asked is why is his password available to his child's phone, or why has the kid got an expensive smart-phone in the first place?

Anonymous said...

It takes no intelligence or technical training to make a human - ergo

selsey.steve said...

How on Earth can this woman afford to give her progeny an iPod?

Anonymous said...

iphone (just re-read it).

Same rule applies.

Anonymous said...

Not an iPhone as the game was bought from Google Play so would have been a phone using Android.

JuliaM said...

"ipad owners are dim by default."


"Maybe he is trying to get 'compensation' from Google..."

Well, it works far too often. That's what encourages these idiots!