Monday, 17 March 2014

Creating A ‘Cycling Culture’? Or Something Else?

It is a collaborative staff effort: while the kids weave in and out of cones Lindsey, the school’s PSHE (personal social health and economic education) teacher, and one of the driving forces behind the school’s cycling programme, tells me about one girl she taught to ride.
“She had come from another country and had never ridden a bike. One hour it took me to teach her. She fell off a few times but she kept getting back on,” she said.
“For children who come from another country who don’t speak English it is hard for them to excel at first academically so it is great for them to excel at something.”
All must have prizes, even if they are for…well, something of no academic value whatsover.
Sally, like many parents here, sometimes drives part way and the kids cycle the last leg to school on the pavement.
Though she wants her and her kids to cycle on the roads, she understandably has concerns about safety.
Her kids’ safety, that is. The poor pedestrian having to dodge out of the way of them, not so much…


Anonymous said...

Perhaps it's the 'Something Else' you don't quite understand, Julia.

Cycling improves cardiorespiratory fitness to boost mental ability and promotes better sleep, mood and self-esteem.
Even elderly bloggers experience a slower rate of cognitive degeneration when they swap keyboards to pedal in the sunshine.

Anonymous said...

Many of the paths in my area are now designated as shared spaces betwween cyclists and pedestrians and we get along just fine. All that is needed is a little politeness and consideration, which pretty much everyone that I encounter seems to have.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you Julia. That sort of parent teaches entitlement and smugness long before they get around to sharing and consideration.

JuliaM said...

"Cycling improves cardiorespiratory fitness..."

A lot of good that does you when a 5 tonne truck runs you over...

"All that is needed is a little politeness and consideration..."

Qualities in rather short supply - and getting shorter!

Weekend Yachtsman said...

"the kids cycle the last leg to school on the pavement."

Clearly she doesn't teach them anything about the Highway Code, then.

Colour me surprised.