Thursday 7 August 2014

“Hold Our 999 Calls While We Eat Our Kebabs…”

The man who drove at the trio gave up and left.
Mr Smith called 999 to report the assault on his colleague although there were already two officers at the kebab van next to the BP garage.
You couldn’t make it up, could you?
He said: “There was a police car with two officers at the kebab van. They had a word with some of the travellers and told them not to go on to the land, but then they just drove off to eat their kebabs. They did nothing to help us stop the travellers.”
He added: “We got no response from police through 999. No officers attended, even though we had reported an assault with a vehicle.”
Perhaps you should have reported an unwelcome conspiracy theory or suggested the van might have had a novelty horn?
A spokesman said they received two calls on Monday, July 28, in relation to travellers turning up on the land – one shortly after 8.30pm and another just after 9.30pm.
The spokesman said: “Two plain-clothed police officers were on their refreshment break in the area at the time and became aware of the travellers’ encampment. The officers engaged with the travellers and called for further police assistance. They did not witness an assault.
“Police have liaised with councillor Allport Hodge, but no statement has been provided.” The spokesman said there are no “aggravating factors” to require police action.
Not so much ‘to protect and serve’ as ‘to look the other way & kowtow to political correctness’… 

And in other Essex-related traveller news:
Residents fear travellers may never be forced to move on after Basildon Council chose not to send in bailiffs for the second time.
The Echo understands because so much time has passed, the council will again have to get up-to-date personal information from the travellers before it uses bailiffs.
Councillor Richard Moore, responsible for planning, said: “The travellers have not applied for a judicial review. The council is now carefully considering its options and taking further legal advice as to what is the most sensible way forward.
“In the meantime we are monitoring the situation at Oak Lane on a daily basis.
“Those who have followed the Dale Farm story will know this is a legal minefield. We will act and when we do, it will be in the best interest of local taxpayers. But that will be at a time of our choosing when we deem it is most prudent to do so.”
I guess there are no councillors or council staff living anywhere near these encampments…

H/T: Wiggia via email


Anonymous said...

The problem with this is that trespass is a civil offence and it is down to the owners of the property to use civil law to expel trespassers. Only until trespass is made a criminal offence will these parasites be dealt with. Travellers know the laws on trespass better than most solicitors and use every little unclear wording to further their stay. However, there are ways of dealing with such encroachments legally. Mention has been made in a past blog of how a North Surrey farmer dealt with travellers who had moved onto one of his fields (giving them warning he was digging a drainage ditch and when they refused to move, had an 8 feet ditch dug across the entrance and only filled it in when they paid him the cost of the JCB to do so).

Anonymous said...

Thanks once again to Julia for bringing this to a wider audience.


From what I understand, trespassing *can* be a criminal offence, but it depends on the use of the land, access to it and other factors besides. In my experience, so long as access to a piece of land is secure (i.e. a locked gate, posts sunk in the ground etc.), travellers won't go near it as they would have to commit an offence (such as criminal damage) to access it. Ditches are not the answer as travellers have and do use ramps to get over them, do not damage anything in the process and thence you're landed with the same problem. A locked gate or posts sunk into the ground are amongst the best solutions.

I believe I've mentioned this before in a comment but I'll say it again: until a united front (extra-legal) is presented to these scumbags they will continue to abuse the taxpayer. If every time travellers entered a village or town a call was made followed by spontaneously combusting caravans (with or without travellers inside), travellers would eventually get the message. The same should happen at every official site/pitch. Caravans, homes etc. would spontaneously combust and no more travellers. A united front driving these 'people' into the sea is the only solution.

DavefromTacoma said...

Oh, I get it. Kebab shops are to British cops what donut shops are to American cops.

ivan said...

There is a very simple way to remove trespassing travellers as demonstrated by a farmer a year ago - a large front end loader to pick up their vans, of all sorts, and dump them back on the road.

Now if we had a government with any gumption there would be a law passed that said, you trespass you suffer the consequences and no come back to the person you trespassed on.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 12.23,
Trying to find the one person, out of 30 odd, who broke the lock, cut the chain, or pulled up the stumps when everyone else 'saw nothing' is a no-brainer and so you are left with civil trespass. If they have a weapon of offence or firearm when they trespass then it's a criminal offence, but you then have to find a magistrate with the balls to authorise a search warrant (and the Police officers with a death wish). Your other suggestion involving spontaneous combustion is not worth considering, especially if you value your freedom. There can be a united front as long as it remains within the law, otherwise you're just as bad as they are.
Ivan's idea would seem to make sense except that he would need the approval of the land owner to allow his vehicles on to remove the travellers. Then any damage caused would be down to both Ivan and the landowner - don't forget that any lack of education travellers may have does not mean they are not streetwise, knowledgeable in the law, or cunning. Damage to vans and properties inside, plus injuries to the dear old grandma who was resting in the van at the time of removal, make very good allegations to the local plod who would have no choice but to investigate. Result is Ivan and landowner in court and then bankrupt in meeting the financial claims of the travellers.
To make their trespass actions criminal, and therefore enforceable, requires a change in the laws governing trespass. Unfortunately, we have too many leftards in Parliament who would not see this through. It is not considered important enough for Parliament to debate, at least not while they haven't got their expenses, pensions and pay rises sorted out. I did read of a group of people who rid themselves of trespassing travellers by playing heavy rock in their vicinity throughout the night. Not only did it drive their dogs mad, but the lack of sleep together with the refusal of shops and petrol stations to serve them (all legal) made their stay less than enjoyable. There is a way to deal with them, but it has to be legal and may involve thinking outside the box.

Anonymous said...

When did thieving gypsy bastard pikey diddeycoy hedge moping scum become such a protected 'species' in this country? Why are they given so much protection?

Robert the Biker said...

" but you then have to find a magistrate with the balls to authorise a search warrant (and the Police officers with a death wish)."
Says it all really! If the police want the publics support, perhaps they should try doing their job instead of persecuting motorists and criminalising tweets by gobby teenagers. As for the 'rights' of the thieving scum pikeys, consider my rights and I will consider theirs! Come to my gaff to rob, go home in a bag.

JuliaM said...

"Only until trespass is made a criminal offence will these parasites be dealt with."

And yet there's no push for that. I wonder why?

"Oh, I get it. Kebab shops are to British cops what donut shops are to American cops."

It would appear so!

"There can be a united front as long as it remains within the law, otherwise you're just as bad as they are. "

Meh! That ignores the fact that, but for the travellers, there's be no need for retaliation.

I think we should use the Israeli tactics...