Friday, 22 August 2014

Just The Sort Of Person You’d Put In Charge Of A Dangerous Dog…

…or, come to think of it, any dog:
Sean Mills, 38, of Low White Close, Barrow appeared at Furness Magistrates’ Court yesterday. He pleaded guilty to having custody of a fighting dog and to being in charge of a dog dangerously out of control.
It wasn’t his dog. He was just left in charge of it:
Mr Trystan Roberts, defending, said Mills had been looking after Kaydee for a friend and was not aware that the animal was classed as dangerous and did not know about the legal requirement for a muzzle.
Was he the sort of person you’d leave a dog with? Well…
“This is a defendant who is not without his difficulties. He suffers from anxiety, depression and a number of mental health problems.
“He suffers from arthritis, cognitive difficulties and a lung problem.”
Mr Chalk imposed an eight-week curfew on Mills and ordered him to pay £150 in compensation to cover vet bills and £85 in costs.
Given he’s almost certainly not working with that catalogue of ailments, guess who’s paying that?

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