Sunday, 31 August 2014

"We couldn't be under that system any more."

Well, the system ain't finished with you, Mr King...
In the video, Mr King told how they had wanted to leave the hospital because the NHS could not fund the proton beam treatment that they wanted for their son.
'We couldn't take it any more - not knowing and not being able to question anything in fear that they say, "Sorry Mr and Mrs King, emergency protection order, you're no longer allowed in the ward",' he told the camera.
'Under that stress, our son has grade four brain tumour, we couldn't discuss or question them at all in fear that our son would be in that ward all day long by himself without his parents being able to come in.
'We couldn't be under that system any more. I was going to get the money to pay for the proton beam therapy but they have prevented that now because the Spanish police are involved and I can't do want I wanted to do.'
Does that spell it out for everyone sufficiently?

For all those people who carped and cavilled and sanctimoniously declared 'A child's life is at stake!', as if that meant we shouldn't dare question the state which only has our best interests at heart, because we are stupid sheep who should never seek to exercise free will if that free will might not be in complete accordance with the state's will?

The NHS didn’t want them to get treatment in Marbella. And they successfully suborned the police to ensure that that happened.

And now they plan to extradite the parents, so they won’t even be able to stay by their terminal son’s bedside, an act of such monstrous, stubborn & wilful cruelty that I've now got even more reasons to be ashamed of my country.
Mr and Mrs King's hearing - which will be closed to the press and public - may take place as early as tomorrow.
The couple are expected to oppose extradition so defence lawyers can then argue at a new hearing they should be released on bail for humanitarian reasons.
If they oppose extradition, the extradition judge would have to decide whether to release them on bail or remand them in custody.
It's up to you, Spain. Are you going to show the compassion and humility that the UK can't seem to muster?


MTG said...

"Does that spell it out for everyone sufficiently?"

I feel obliged to support WC Jaded's right not to be left behind. No assumptions should be made with regard to intellectual disability and I demand illustrations with bubble captions.

Anonymous said...

Can't we hand over the NHS and police invoved in this over to ISIS? Let them be on the receiving end of some official cruelty.

Trevor said...

I'll second what Anonymous @ 11.04 said, with the proviso that Melvin be sent over too.

His gratuitous and deeply unfunny jibes became tiresome long ago. When did he last (if ever) post a comment pertinent to the original post?

trevorina said...

i got too think he shud be sent over their an im not plod ither

Anonymous said...

Well done Trevor,you have riled Melvin enough to be on the end of one of his hilarious posts.Welcome to the club!

MTG said...

The Kings are due to appear before a Madrid court after the International manhunt resulted in their arrest, handcuffing and family separation.

The judge is to hear impartial medical evidence from the Malaga Hospital, where Ashya remains under armed guard, declaring the boy 'stable and out of danger'. Pretty good news all round and makes liars of the NHS/plod conspiracy.

The legality of the cry-wolf warrant is the main issue but gates are already opened to other worrying aspects, which include deliberate smearing of the Kings and improper disclosures to the Media. Ley Orgánica 15/1999 de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal may have been contravened insofar as it will apply to improper disclosure of the defendant's alleged religion and other personal data.

So much going on here that the hearing will be very brief or inordinately lengthy.

MTG said...


Longrider said...

They've been denied bail and prevented from visiting him in hospital, so the Spanish authorities are as vile as the UK.

JuliaM said...

"Can't we hand over the NHS and police invoved in this over to ISIS?"

I like the way you think!

" the Spanish authorities are as vile as the UK."

That was really the triumph of hope over experience, LR.. :/