Sunday, 17 August 2014

And They Can Always Get A Job As A 'Journalist'...

...the bar seems to be set quite low. Seriously., does no-one use spellcheck?


Flaxen Saxon said...

Perhaps the article was penned by one of the 'disabled' hearty eaters. In my day we used to call them 'spakkers.' Can't do that these days otherwise the PC police will come knocking on your and give you a lecture. Lets us compromise and call them retards.

Anonymous said...

does no-one use spellcheck?

Judging from all the errors in news stories I'd say not.

What were they rewarded with? Attendance certificates?

wpc jilted said...

carnt spel like us proffesionals julia

Anonymous said...


Nice one Melv - you must have stained your dressing gown...more...with that one!

Anonymous said...

Sevenoaks allotment holders brave ex-hurricane and plow on with summer show

Read more:

An EX hurricane?


This has just gotten silly, those words just snuck in there.

Bloke in Germany said...

Good job they don't set The Bar that low, innit?

Oh, wait...

Ed P said...

Maybe it's Seven Oaks Florida, where a plow's a plow?

JuliaM said...

"What were they rewarded with? Attendance certificates?"

You mean, GCSEs..?

"An EX hurricane?



"Maybe it's Seven Oaks Florida, where a plow's a plow?"