Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Sometimes, You Can Judge By Appearances...

...and more to the point, you should:
A mum warned fellow shoppers after a Southend High Street store closed suddenly, leaving her without her goods.
Dawn Murphy, 40, of Eastern Avenue, Southend, faced a major challenge trying to get back her six-year-old daughter’s Hudl tablet after taking it into the electronics shop for repair. She paid £35 for it to be fixed as well as £15 for a new charger and £25 for a cover.
But when she returned to pick it up last Wednesday, she was shocked to find the shop empty.
And the name of this shop? Well, it doesn't have one.

Because it's one of those fly-by-night, take-over-an-empty-premises-and-trade-for-a-few-months places that plague high streets.

You'd have to be dumb as a stump to buy anything from a place like that, never mind trust them on repairs!

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