Saturday, 9 August 2014

"The Only Jobs We Really Care About Are Our Own!"

A Deptford pub named after the former job centre it now occupies has been accused of "insulting" the area and making unemployment "a joke".
Oh? By anyone we should be listening to?
Lewisham People Before Profit have written to pub company Antic...
Ah. That's a 'no', then?
...asking them to change the name of The Job Centre pub - which has been given a generally positive reception until now.
By which you mean, normal people aren't fussed, but a bunch of idiots have spat their dummies...
Their letter states: "In the case of your bar, the Job Centre name you have chosen underscores the fact that a location that once housed a service for the many struggling people in the neighbourhood has been replaced with a bar catering to those who can afford the sort of upmarket pub food your website promises.
"By choosing to decorate with an ‘eclectic mix of vintage décor and quirky design features inspired by its function as a place that once served the unemployed’ (a quotation from your website), you turn the experience of the unemployed—an experience so widespread and painful in the current climate that it is literally driving people to suicide—into a style feature for the amusement of those with disposable cash."
Translation: "Sod off, yuppies! We need the sort of underclass that might vote for us in this area (always assuming they can stop watching 'Jeremy Kyle' for ten minutes)..."


Anonymous said...


In Oxford the Malmaison Hotel contains part of the former prison, should I also complain about the trivialising of such a former community resource? No of course I don't, I don't care because I have better things to do with my life.

Anonymous said...

"Lewisham People Before Profit"?
Funny name - was "Lewisham Scrounging Parasites" already taken?

These pathetic imbeciles don't even make the connection between the salaried types taxed to oblivion and drowning their sorrows with - guess what? - heavily-taxed refreshments.

These scum would rather wallow in their self-pity and have a squat or a charity shop instead?

Anonymous said...

In the early 1980s I was constantly in and out of work, I took a lot of temporary jobs but even the jobs that were supposed to be permanent often turned out not to be. I spent a lot of time at the local job centre but not once did they ever fix me up with a job. Mostly I got jobs by looking at the SV ads in the local paper, I got the odd one by word of mouth including the one I have now which I have held since 1985. The job centre, on the other hand, was useless. So maybe if these poor, desperate and down-trodden people had gone somewhere else to find employment they wouldn't have been poor, desperate or down-trodden.


Furor Teutonicus said...

XX that it is literally driving people to suicide XX

Good. Problem solved!

Anonymous said...

@ Adolphus Germanicus

XX Good. Problem solved! XX

Actualy SUICIDE by it's self could be the FINAL solution. Heird it in YOUR "Cluib" songen?

JuliaM said...

"Funny name - was "Lewisham Scrounging Parasites" already taken?"

Yes, by the local council.

"So maybe if these poor, desperate and down-trodden people had gone somewhere else to find employment they wouldn't have been poor, desperate or down-trodden."

Spot on!