Saturday, 30 August 2014

Kier Starmer Almost Avoids Mentioning The (‘Asian’) Elephant In The Room…

The Jay report’s description of the collective political and leadership failures in Rotherham as “blatant” could not be more stark. Accountability is of course important, but we are fooling ourselves if we think this child abuse scandal is all about individual failings and that the dispatch of key individuals is a sufficient response.
Dunno about that, Kier. Depends on how many scalps we claim, and how far ranging we make it, doesn’t it?
At the heart of the problems identified by the report, the commissioner’s reports and the work I did as director of public prosecutions in issuing new guidelines on prosecuting child sexual exploitation in 2013 is a deeply embedded cultural issue about how we deal with vulnerable victims.
‘We’..? Don’t you mean, how you, the establishment, the lawmakers, the state, carry out that function?
First, the majority of victims do not report what is happening to them to the relevant authorities.
And those that do are ignored. So let’s concentrate on those first, eh? Then maybe the others might come forward.
The second feature common to cases of child sexual abuse and exploitation is that when individuals do pluck up the courage to come forward they are often met with a wall of disbelief.
Well, maybe that’s because some of the accounts are indeed unbelievable, and some of the people themselves are seriously doubtful, as Anna Raccoon has exhaustively chronicled.

But so what? Should we suspend all disbelief now?
A 2002 Home Office research report into activities in Rotherham, which was “suppressed” because senior officers did not believe the information in it, recorded that the police were reluctant to respond to missing person reports. They saw them as a waste of time and regarded the young women concerned as “deviant” or “promiscuous”, and took the view that if the young people concerned were not prepared to help themselves, no further action should be taken.
And I can see how some of the elder teenagers could be viewed in this light, but some of the victims were as young as 12. 12
We need raw honesty about the cultural change required in relation to vulnerable victims. We have allowed a series of myths and stereotypes about how “real” victims behave to creep into our institutions and our decision-making.
Always the opportunist, eh, Kier? Desperate to push your agenda and happy to use any opportunity to do so, no matter how inappropriate.
The case for some form of mandatory reporting of child sexual abuse backed up by criminal sanctions is also overwhelming. The need for such a scheme is at its most acute where there is a conflict of interest between reporting and some other interest, such as reputation, risk of exposing previous failed responses or fear of being clear about the ethnicity of the perpetrators.
Ahhhh, you were doing so well up to that bit!

And have you checked with Hugh Muir that it’s OK to even suggest that this might have been a factor? 

Denial. It ain’t just a river in Egypt.


Furor Teutonicus said...

Plus, of course, it was Starmer, and his ilk, that pushed for years to demand more, and ever more "evidence" and "accountability", and the tons of paper work and wasted time, that goes with it.

Not to mention the more lenient court sentencing WHEN the bastards are caught. And the "Don't be nasty to niggers" rules.

He, and his type, only have themselves to blame.

ivan said...

No matter how he squirms, HE was a major part of the problem - accepting hearsay evidence against old or dead pop stars as true and persecuting them beyond the extent of the law to cover up for condoning child exploitation by the Paki paedophiles.

In fact I would say he is one of those that should be prosecuted for not doing his job.

Uncle Badger said...

Starmer was at the heart of the problem. His was a political appointment by Blair to serve his government's far-Left agenda. He deserve the same contempt as all previous political hacks put in supposedly impartial positions to serve corrupt and evil regimes.

Anonymous said...

2 things are responsible
first the jews in W W II exploited young women in exactly the same way, the troops were away at war and the jews also took full advantage many young mothers had to borrow money from the moneylending jew to find she was then pushed onto the game to pay it back.
second these men expect to put it about and then marrya virgin, what they cant get in their own culture they take from ours
this must be stopped and quickly

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 16:36 - time for yer meds matey, double dose and QUICK!

Run out of tin foil?

Twenty_Rothmans said...

Not listening to dhimmi scum like Starmer would be a good start.

Like a fly laying its larvae, Labour now has maggots throughout society. They thrive on the pustulence and decay.

The rot started before mass immigration. The least intelligent members of society were paid to breed more, especially if the only parent was a semi-retarded girl.

Import illiterates from the shitholes of the world, house them with our scum, and we end up with Ueberscum, through miscegenation or the new arrivals aping (snork) their hosts and contributing to the downward spiral.

I'd rather be called Mohamed or Adolf than after that lazy, Scottish, dimwitted coward bastard.

Ted Treen said...


That is the biggest load of old cobblers I have ever read - and I truly believe they are the product of an unhinged mind.

I will, however, defend to the death your right to come out with such tripe.

andy5759 said...

Sometime during the late 1970s when I were a young lad, my mate and I met a forty something Pakistani gentleman from Bradford. We went round my mate's house for a bong. The Bradford gent suggested a deal, we bring young girls up to Bradford, he supplies the hashish. That was at least 35 years ago. Only now this is coming out? Something stinks here.

Anonymous said...

Kier will choke on his fair trade free range muesli if he picks up Scotland on Sunday this morning.

Anonymous said...

Starmer will be a Labour minister one day soon,hopefully in a shadow cabinet.

Lord T said...


Did Plod investigate the case and decide they couldn't prosecute him for some reason?

Back in the 70s they didn't have the same Dhimmi attitude they have now.

JuliaM said...

"Plus, of course, it was Starmer, and his ilk, that pushed for years to demand more, and ever more "evidence" and "accountability", and the tons of paper work and wasted time, that goes with it. "

Yup, it is indeed a Perfect Storm, but Starmer & his ilk make sure they are never onboard the boat.

"Like a fly laying its larvae, Labour now has maggots throughout society. "

Nice simile...

"That was at least 35 years ago. Only now this is coming out? Something stinks here."

Nor is it just in this one small town.